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It’s been a day of riveting rumors and news for the Playstation 3. Firstly, it seems as though the 80GB model is set to be discontinued in Japan following a finding from retailer 7-Eleven, which stated that no more orders will be taken due to a “request from the manufacturer.” Then there was the unexpected $50 price cut on the 80GB Uncharted bundle. And now we have a report from RTLinfo, which reports on an impending price cut of €100 for European retailers stocking the 80GB model.

This in turn has started turbulent tongues wagging over the possibility that all of this is paving the way for the official unveiling of the PS3 Slim. And just when is all of this likely to transpire? At the Cologne Gamescom event of course, on August 18th.

Of course, this is purely speculation on their part, but, given the raft of rumours over the past few months, an official unveiling would certainly be an almighty shock on par with the PSP Go’s announcement.

Source: Engadget

  1. I’m letting you guys know right now that I would bet really good money that the PS3 Slim is still a ways off. Now my information could be wrong, but from what I’ve gathered from people working closely with Sony, there is a change coming to the PS3, but it’s only to the internal components.

    Sony has been working tirelessly, for over a year now, to replace most of the expensive components in the system with cheaper alternatives. The result is simply a newer sku of the PS3 model, but with huge cost reductions. As Sony has stated themselves, the production cost of the PS3 has been reduced by 70%.

    I am betting that if Sony announes anything, it’s simply a newer Sku of the PS3, with a possible lower price point. Don’t expect the PS3 SLim though.

  2. If I’m wrong about this, I’m going to kick my source’s butt. Also, my girlfriend will probably never let me here the end of it.

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