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We’re all so taken back by the earth shattering surprise that was the PS3 Slim, aren’t we? Well, now we can finally relish some offiical screenshots of Sony’s new baby – feast your eyes on the real, authentic PS3 Slim.

Will you be buying it when it is released come this September?




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  1. Is it me, or does the system just look kind of “blah”. Good news is you won’t have to worry about getting any finger prints on the system anymore. ;-)

  2. It looks like a George Foreman Grill. :/

  3. Here’s a more important question: What will the price of the PS3 Phatty fall down to?

  4. I think it looks ace.

  5. Now that I have had a proper look at it, I must say I’m not too impressed. It’s good that the price has been dropped so that it will attract a belated new fanbase, but it just looks aesthetically cheap now and, whilst it is indeed slimmer, it looks like it’s a trifle wider. The new logo looks out of place, particularly with the way it doesn’t even blend in with the front colour. Plus they’ve turned into a Game Cube!

  6. @Jamie
    In UK, PS3 slim is seemingly touted at a £250 price tag
    Whether this is a price that they will stay at, who knows.

  7. I find it interesting they’ve gone back to the “PS2″ style logo and font.

  8. avatar unknownrisks

    i prefer the phatty ps3 finish although true what shaun said, no more finger prints

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