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PS3 Slim

Once again, Sony has proven that they can’t keep a lid on any of their secrets. As of today, they finally announced the long rumored PS3 Slim at their Gamescom press conference.  The company unveiled the system will have all the same features and functions as the regular PS3, but will be 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and will include a 120Gb hard drive.

According to Sony, the PS3 Slim will launch in multiple regions in the beginning of September, but will be available worldwide on September 11th at a price of $299, 299 Euros, and 29980 Yen.  Read on to find out more.

Besides being lighter and smaller, the new system will also use 34% less power.  Unfortunately there is still no PS2 backwards compatibility, which is sure to be a let down to a lot of people who have hoped this feature would eventually return.  That is about the only disappointing news, considering the system still includes all of its other features like the built in Wi-Fi support and Blu-Ray drive.

Check back later, as we are sure to post more information throughout the day as it becomes available.

[Update: The first official screenshots of the PS3 Slim have been released.  ]

  1. Hopefully this news will get my friends to finally break down and buy one so I have people to play Street Fighter IV & Fat Princess with. :)

  2. hmmm… a PS3. Can the possibility of me finally owning one be that true?

  3. Well there’s an earth shattering surprise.

  4. avatar Twistabletam

    WoW sony is a very good company

  5. avatar Twistabletam

    i Own 2 ps3 and its great man i recommend you buy one the features and everything.

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