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PS3 Oddness

It’s basically common knowledge that Japan produces some of the more obscure material for television programs and advertising campaigns, and that it works. Sony seems to thrive on this left-of-center marketing, and have once again produced the goods for their upcoming PS3 Slim.

Not since David Lynch’s Playstation 2 ads have we been so baffled by console marketing.

Hit the jump to check out the odd ad.

If you thought that was strange, here’s David Lynch’s Bambi commercial for the Playstation 2.

But the almighty Playstation 3 Baby commercial still comes up trumps.

The PS3 Slim is due for release on September 1 in North America and Europe, and September 3 in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Source: Joystiq

  1. Gawd I love Japanese advertising. It’s funny you mention David Lynch; I just watched Blue Velvet yesterday.

  2. When I lived in Japan I must admit that a good 20% of the commercials were just right over my head. Just keep in mind that they have their own neo-culture running parallel to our own. Im sure there are a bunch of US commercials they just “don’t get”. Although maybe they were just going off the deep end with the creepy baby. ya… Creepy baby FTL

  3. The Creepy Baby commercial belonged more in Silent Hill

  4. Honestly, I adore Japanese culture, and love anime; but I loathe these commercials.

    Sony needs to focus on games: show a ton of cool over the top footage, something.

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