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Known for their extreme strength, and undeniably strong appetite for evil the heroes and villains of the Final Fantasy universe are some of the most over-powered video game icons.

What do you get when you combine the largest sword ever, tons of fireballs, a black hole, ice, arrows, and a kick to the face? Well the highly anticipated Final Fantasy Dissidia of course! This latest brawler from Square-Enix includes sixteen heroes and thirteen villains ranging from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XII. The complete list is looking rather exciting…

Here are your good guys….

1. Warrior of Light (FF1)
2. Ninja (FF1)
3. Monk (FF1)
4. Firion (FF2)
5. Onion Knight (FF3)
6. Luneth
7. Cecil Harvey (FF4)
8. Paladin Cecil (FF4)
9. Bartz Klauser (FF5)
10. Terra Branford (FF6)
11. Cloud Strife (FF7)
12. Squall Leonhart (FF8)
13. Zidane Tribal (FF9)
14. Tidus (FF10)
15. Shantotto (FF11)
16. Cosmos (Dissidia: Final Fantasy)

And the bad guys…

17. Garland (FF1)
18. The Emperor [Palemacia] (FF2)
19. Cloud of Darkness (FF3)
20. Golbez (FF4)
21. Dark Knight Cecil (FF4)
22. Exdeath (FF5)
23. Kefka Palazzo (FF6)
24. Sephiroth (FF7)
25. Ultimecia (FF8)
26. Kuja (FF9)
27. Jecht (FF10)
28. Gabranth (FF12)
29. Chaos (FF1)

A lot of fighting is to be done when Final Fantasy Dissidia releases on August 25th, 2009! Oh, and that is in no way the final list and there could be more characters confirmed before release!

Who do you want to play as?

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  1. So… 3 Cecils and no Tifa? Hm. :/

  2. Chris M. and I were able to play this extensively at E3: it was an absolute blast.

  3. This game really just doesn’t interest me at all.

  4. I wanna be interested in this game…but I’ve also player Ehrgeiz.

  5. Damn. I was really hoping they’d squeeze Vincent or Shadow into the mix. Or throw us a curve ball and make Crono and Zeal super hard to get unlockables.

  6. I played the Japanese version and unless they added it for the English one you can’t use Cosmos as a playable character. but yeah this game is great it will be nice to know what the half of the stuff I couldn’t read said :p

  7. avatar Chris Matulich

    I believe they had the full game at E3, and let me say, fighting as Cecil against Sephiroth kinda fulfilled a dream of mine. I’ve had this on preorder for what feels like the better part of a year, and I’ve only got about 3 more weeks to wait!

  8. I should have said more then simply “I’m not interested in the game”. I love the final fantasy series, and I want to be interested in this game, but for some reason I’m just not. I think I’ve just seen too many non-fighting game series try to create a fighting game around their most memorable characters, and fail miserably.

  9. it’s actually really good, I’ve never been a fan of Final Fantasy and my friend told me to try it and I really enjoyed it. you use circle to use attacks that increase a number, which can then be used by pressing square to lower the enemies life. I’d say you should at least try it even though you don’t want to because you might end up liking it. If not then you can just sell it to a friend or something.

  10. I too was hoping to see Shadow on the list. Also, I’d like to see Terra in her Esper form. We get both versions of Cecil, so why not both versions of the better, more interesting hero from the better, more interesting FF? At least I got Kefka…

  11. Well, hopefully with enough sales a sequel will get the go, and maybe we’ll see non-main characters/villains in the mix.

  12. Oh and Sean – you do get both versions of Terra. She has the ability to reach her Esper form. But I don’t think I can agree with FF6 being better or more interesting than FF4…to each their own, though.

  13. avatar Anonymous

    if a sequel would get green lit i’d hope it would be a PS3 version

  14. avatar Angelo

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