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As I’m sure you’ve all heard, long time publisher Midway has gone the way of the dodo, selling off select intellectual properties and development teams to Warner Bros. Interactive. Many gamers are wondering what will happen to Midway’s poster child Mortal Kombat.

According to Warner Bros. they have some big plans for the controversial fighting game. Apparently the company wants to make the next MK “the ‘gold standard’ for network play.”

According to a job posting for a position at WB Games Chicago, “We are looking for someone who wants to push the boundaries of what is possible with online interaction.” The goal of the next MK will be to “implement cutting-edge online features to ensure the Mortal Kombat franchise is an industry leader in online functionality.”

While little else is known about the next Mortal Kombat game, except that it will be developed by the team behind Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. According to series co-creator Ed Boon, the next MK game will have an M rating thanks to “sick” fatalities.


  1. Can we have MK vs DC II and actually see the Joker blow the head off somebody?

  2. When they say “online functionality”, are they talking about cool features and interaction-based stuff? Or, are they talking about good netcode? The wording is kind of vague, but if they can outdo the online fighting game client, GGPO, then kudos to them.

  3. avatar johnfuk

    game sucks

  4. avatar game wasn't that bad


  5. avatar axemurderer

    i love the whole series

  6. avatar dubbiedominican

    If u guys have any questions, you can ask me and i will ask my cousin “ed boon”

  7. avatar Anonymous

    putos nerdos

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