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Blizzcon ’09 is only four days away, and to help build anticipation Blizzard has started releasing official information about the single player campaign for Starcraft 2.  If this isn’t enough to make your mouth water, Gametrailers has also posted a brand new single player gameplay video for the game.

Grab a bib, because after watching this footage you’re going to be drooling all over yourself.  Hit the jump to let the excess salivation begin. 

While the video doesn’t t give any new information away about the story of Starcraft 2, it does feature multiple new environments, as well as some of the new gameplay elements.  One of the missions shown takes place on a volcanic planet, which has lava flows that erupt in real-time.  This causes the player to have to evacuate parts of the map when the dangerous magma appears, or else suffer unit losses to the molten hot liquid.  There is also footage of a convoy escort mission, as well as an alien artifact recovery mission.

Keep your eyes posted to Gamer Limit as more videos are sure to be released as we get closer and closer to Blizzcon.


  1. Sucks it got pushed back to 2010

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