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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima wants to make sure you know that the new Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game for the PSP is all about co-op gameplay.  To drive the point home, he has released a new 9 minute trailer featuring nothing but multiple Snakes all working together.  Filled with plenty of Kojima style humor, this new footage definitely demonstrates multiple ways that people will be able to work in teams to sneak around the environment and defeat enemies.

This really is a must see trailer, so hit the jump to view it and discover why you need to own a PSP and this game.

Every time I watch it, I am forced to ask myself, “why are there four Snakes?”  Fortunately I typically forget that I even asked this question after I see how incredible the co-op elements are.  At times during this video you’ll probably find yourself saying “Why hasn’t Snake had a partner for the other games in the series?”  That’s how good of a job Kojima and his team have done incorporating team play into the game.

There are still plenty of questions that haven’t been answered about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, such as when is it being released, but Kojima has always been very secretive about his projects.  I’m sure in due time we’ll find out everything we need to know.  Until then, watch the trailer and decide for yourself if you are ready for co-op Metal Gear Solid action.

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    pretty class 4 da psp

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