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The Motorstorm series has easily been one of the highlights on the list of Playstation 3 exclusive games. In the hope that success will continue, the series has now shifted to the portable PSP in the form of Motorstorm: Arctic Edge.

Just today it has been announced when the game will finally hit the stores, both in disc format and for download.

There are two different release dates, on October 29 the UMD version will be landing in stores. Those getting a lovely new PSP go will be able to hop on the Playstation Store on October 1 to purchase their digital copy. A heads up to the early birds, buy the game within the first 30 days of launch and you can download from the Playstation Store an exclusive Mirage Rapide rally car and two customizable skins.

The game sees a shift in focus from the dusty canyons and tropical island of its home console versions, to snowy mountaintops. As a result, snowmobiles will be making their series debut.


A Playstation 2 version of the game will also be released, although a specific date hasn’t yet been given. Have a look below at the latest trailer from the recent Gamescom event in Germany for an idea of what to expect.


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