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Peter Molyneux took the stage today at Microsoft’s Gamescom Press Conference to announce Lionhead’s newest addition to the Fable series with Fable III. The third chapter, once more set in the world of Albion, is expected to hit retailers late in 2010.  Looking for more details? They’re just a click away after the jump!

Molyneux announced that big changes will be coming to the Fable series on all fronts, from gameplay to storyline: “I think there is something fundamentally wrong with Fable. With all RPGs. There’s something insidiously built into the game. I’d like to take that foundation stone and throw it away.”  It looks as though we’ll have to wait to find out just what that “foundation stone” is, but our friend Peter was more generous in revealing info on  other areas of Fable III.

Fable III will set itself from its predecessors by allowing players to assume control over all of Albion. While in Fable I and II you achieved success as a hero within your kingdom, now players will be able to become the absolute ruler of Albion. You must ultimately make the choice in becoming a forgiving leader or iron-fisted tyrant.

However, Molyneux was quick to note that assuming the throne won’t happen over night. Players begin the game as the son or daughter from their own previous Fable II games. Once you’re on your way, you take up what Molyneux likes to call the  “Journey to Rule”.  As the journey unfolds, players are required to gain supporters in order to lead a revolution against the current leader of Albion.

Once you succesfully gain power (via raping and pillaging or perhaps more noble means, whatever floats your boat) all of the responsibility rests in your hands, be it the treasure coffers of your kingdom or the destinies of your loyal peasants. With the implementation of a new “Judgement” mechanic, your decisions will not just affect yourself, but the lives of the people who serve you.

Molyneux was also eager to announce a new “Touch” mechanic. One part kind of cool, but most parts creepy the “Touch” system allows a deeper connection to the characters within the game:  “When you first meet someone, you can either shake their hand or refuse. Later on, that handshake could become a hug, then an embrace, and then a full, passionate snog,” Molyneux explained, “”It’s all about touching people as ruler and how that makes you feel.”

In slightly less exciting, albeit certainly more puzzling, news, Microsoft also announced that Fable II will be available as Pay to Play content. Starting September 29, Fable II or Fable II Episodic will be available for download in a series of five episodes, the first one free. Each chapter runs seamlessly into the next, the option to buy the next chapter available within the game itself. Fable II Episodic is also compatible with both DLC packs, Knothole Island and See the Future. There are no pricing details as of yet, but stay tuned.

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Source: VG247

  1. Oh Molyneux and his visions. Still, I’ll definently be picking fable 3 up when it launches

  2. Haha. Nothing he ever says actually turns out the way he describes it.

  3. Again, I’m going to be conned into buying a Fable game because of some really cool feature that most likely will not be implemented in a fun way.

    Damnit Fable!

    Fun Fact: Thanks to Harry Potter 6, I now know what “snogging” means!

  4. I want to be snide and condescending about this game, and the hyperbole surrounding it, but I know I’ll be buying it anyway, so I may as well shrug off into the corner and keep quiet.

  5. The touch system should be called “good touch – bad touch”.

    Purely for my own childish amusement.

  6. You’ve got to give Molyneux points for trying, at least, but nothing he’s ever put forward in Fable ever seems to come out right. I still remember being a gigantic, muscle-bound, grey-haired grandpa with a halo around my head while I rescued my own mother, who appeared to be younger than me.

    • avatar Lisa

      yach, kata tersebut adlaah kalimat yang harus kita resapi bersama. Dengan slogan semoga saja kita akan memperoleh semangat dan kehidupan yang lebih baik dari hari kehari. Yuk kita ramaikan bersama baik saya maupun anda.

    • avatar Siti

      This article negtecls to look at the causality of the social stratification, instead choosing to reinforce the stereotypical notion of class division in the ruler/worker roles. This stratification is caused by the inherent nature of the monetary system, competition, which demands that those competing must work at cross purposes in order to gain competitive advantage. The previous commenter is right, we cannot “buy” our way out of this dilemma, higher wages would only lead to greater stratification. The solution is to build a system that provides what people need, using the technology and resources available, in an intelligent and environmentally sound way. Money will never provide this system, because it does not lead to more profit or advantage.

  7. BUT IS THERE A DOG????????

  8. avatar Sinus

    Great news !
    Viva Peter Molyneux

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