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We’re hosting a contest for Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planwalkers. We are giving away two [2] codes for the XBLA, all you have to do is comment on this post explaining why you deserve to win, but it needs to be Magic related, and convincing.

Remember to sign up with a valid email address before commenting so we can contact you. The contest starts August 16th and ends August 23rd. So why are you sitting there doing nothing? Start typing… and maybe you could be dueling soon.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro!

Congrats Sean J McLoughlin & yet to be named second winner.

  1. Because I’m tapped out on MSP at the moment?

  2. Because there’s nothing more satisfying then beating all the geeks at a local Friday Night Magic tournament with a homemade Sunburst deck. Skyreach Manta for FTW! It’d be awesome to re-enact that ridiculous display of improbable dominance online.

  3. I should win one of the codes because I’m an old school magic player who stopped when WotC changed the card design. I’ve been interested in giving this game a shot but the lack of fully customizable decks has stopped me from taking the plunge. If I got it for free I’d be able to check the game out and maybe get back into the paper game too.

  4. Because I manged to win on my second turn, with a black deck, summoning a 1/1 on my first turn, and then on my second throwing out a double dark ritual and Hatred, sacrificing 19 life to make my little grub a 20/20 and snagging a most satisfying victory. And because I have a big old man crush on Kezzedrix.

  5. I should win because I liked the shiny pebbles you got with the game, and I enjoy shiny things.

  6. Because I’ve got a stack of redeemable XBLA codes I’ve yet to use, and I think that Magic: The Gathering would be a good fit amongst the other unused and unloved codes.

  7. Because I used to play magic all the time as a kid. When my brother went off to college, (around the Mirage set) I had no one to play with. I haven’t touched my cards since then. I’ve been looking to get back into Magic, but since there have been so many amendments to the gameplay, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the leap. This game looks like the perfect way to re-introduce myself to Magic :)

  8. avatar Anonymous

    urza would want me to win just ask him, serra would also be happy for me to walk away with the prize but titania would probally object because she’s a bit of a bitch that way

  9. Because when i was younger i didnt got the money to buy Magic, and now, i dont have too much time to go to downtown to play Magic, so it would be better to play in XBLA with my friends, that we loved TCG :D

  10. Why eh?
    I tried to play this a long time ago borrowing someone elses cards, we played a bit and I managed to win. Yay. Although after that I had no intention of actually purchasing them due to doing the same thing back in the “Pokeman’s” (Not a typo) Days. I’ve tried silly online things on the PC but those aren’t actually good…or fun…

    This seems like the best excuse to play it while still holding true to being a console gamer.

  11. avatar Mike Taylor

    I think i should win because I love MTG and have played since i was a little kid. I worked for weeks to save up money to buy my friends magic collection and built a deck (not type 2 legal) that needs just a few new cards to be unbeatable and i could crush this guys sunburst deck

  12. avatar tyler

    i need to win

  13. Nice one Sean… but who’s going to get the other one?

  14. Indeed, I’m intrigued about this too, I’m itching to play some Magic, been replaying that demo over and over.

  15. Two weeks, still no word, I don’t deserve it? I know you got my last two comments, I wrote the addresses on ‘em perfect!

    Ahh Slim Shady… where have you gone?

  16. And now the contest is closed. And the author disappeared. But I think it was Tyler? But there’s still a code floating around somewhere… maybe Paul and I should just buy the game so we can play it online together? It’d be romantic.

  17. Whoa whoa there, Llama, I’m not sure about this whole spending money to spend time with you deal. And surely if you’re going for romantic, you should front the bill, I might even let you get to first base…wait, what?

  18. Just first? For ten bucks, I’d better at least be rounding shortstop.

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