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Really EA?

With Madden 2010 just around the corner with an August 14th release, I continue to salivate at every piece Madden news. Pumped and ready to go for the midnight release at my local Gamestop and a vacation day being used from work on Friday to play all day, this latest piece of news leaves a concerning and bad taste in my mouth.

More details behind the Madden Shop have been released and it is certainly not for the feint hearted.

  • Super Superstar – Allows your Superstar to get maximum progression throughout his career.
  • Pick A Superstar – Start Superstar mode with any NFL player.
  • Dig Deep – For one play, 10% boost to all stats for all players.
  • Game Day Instincts – 5% boost to all stats for all players. Available once per year, per franchise. Enjoy Housh! ROFL!
  • Position X Scout – Special scout who will reveal all true stats for position x prospects in the offseason for franchise mode.
  • Play Through the Pain – Injury recovery for one player. Available once per year, per franchise.
  • Not Done Yet – Get one more year out of a player that is about to retire. Available once per year, per franchise.
  • Elite Status – Access to exclusive VIP lobbies, leaderboards, and hardcore difficulty level. Really EA? I have to pay for my skills to be truly tested against the computer?

Will the free cheat code days become a thing of the past? I don’t know about you, but this makes me miss popping in my GameShark to take the easy way out or just mess around. Think this will become a new trend?

Source: joystiq

  1. With EA, its always been the trend. These are the exact reasons I’m fighting if I want to buy the game this year or not. Seems like almost every EA game, the day its released, there are a handful of downloads that should have either been on the disk or to unlock things in the game that makes playing it nearly pointless.

    See Godfather II for an example.

  2. avatar Rick Peyton

    I’ve got no problem at all with them adding in the micro-transactions for the casual gamer with some cash to blow — the hardcore gamer looking for realism can simply ignore the option.

    Buy this spending money to unlock the “elite status” thing is a terrible precedent. They are essentially charging you a tax for being good at the game. Those are the gamers they need to be embracing, not the ones that should be nickled and dimed.

  3. avatar austin m

    i dont think that madden 10 should have all of the addons, i agree with you, brandon jackson, in that these options should be unlocked or come with the game

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