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Oh no!  Despite all Sony’s best efforts, squeezing a multiplayer mode onto the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet is just not going to happen.

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At gamescom today, LBP PSP senior producer Mark Green explained the problem to Eurogamer:

“The one thing we’ve lost is multiplayer. You’ve got full physics systems, you got full create mode, you’ve got all the aspects of LittleBigPlanet – you can upload, download, ad-hoc share with people – but we haven’t got multiplayer.  It’s a trade-off. The system is physically capable of doing multiplayer, but perhaps not with the full physics system. On the technical side of things you lose a third of the processing power or a third of the system memory just to do multiplayer at all. With those limitations we couldn’t achieve it.”

Despite this one (humongous) loss, the rest of the game is shaping up to be quite complete and full-featured.  Still, the multiplayer mode was a fan-favorite on the PS3 original, so we’ll see if the lack of this one key feature is enough to ward people off the game.

My guess: it’ll still sell like hotcakes, but expect LBP‘s aggregate MetaCritic score to take a hit.

Source: EuroGamer

  1. Lucky I’m more of a solo gamer, won’t miss it too much here.

  2. avatar dissappointed psp owner

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