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A new trailer for the forthcoming racing simulation Need For Speed: Shift (never thought I would say “simulation” and “Need For Speed” in the same breath) has been released, featuring the Laguna Seca track and even a tutorial on how to tackle this legendary course.

From what is shown from the trailer, it gets a thumbs up from me, but I will of course reserve any proper judgement until I have sampled the experience for myself.

You can view the trailer, along with a few new screenshots of the Nissan GTR Spec V, after the break.

gtr 2
gtr 3
  1. I LOVE Laguna Seca: ever since I was a kid.

  2. Damn, that was an awesome advertisement for a game. Also, if I had 80 thousand to drop on a car, it’d definitely be the GTR. Ahh… so much to take in.

  3. avatar unknownrisks

    ill wait for gt5 thanks!

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