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Hot on the heels of Cave Story‘s impending WiiWare release, indie developer Nicalis has announced that it’s other freeware Metroidvania, La-Mulana, is also being ported to WiiWare.

How did Nicalis announce it?  On their blog, with a nifty new preview video, of course!  Hit the jump to check it out.

For the uninitiated, La-Mulana is a side-scrolling action-platformer in which you play an Indiana Jones-type with a whip that explores tombs.  It took heavy cues from old Metroids and Castlevanias in the gameplay department, and that would be hard to see as a bad thing.

La-Mulana was released in Japan in 2005, and an English translation dropped in ’07.  Critics loved its old-school mentality and difficulty; consumers loved its low, low price of free, and its high, high potential for fun.

Not one to settle for a straight, bare-bones port, Nicalis has redone all of the graphics and music for the WiiWare version.  But fear not, purists, there will be a way to switch back and forth between “classic” and “modern” graphics/sound, like (but maybe not exactly like) in the recent XBLA re-make of The Secret of Monkey Island.

Both Cave Story and La-Mulana are scheduled to storm the Wii by the end of ’09.  The only problem?  It won’t be free on WiiWare.  Luckily, Nicalis is promising “bonus content” to justify the increase in admission price.  Will it be worth a few of your hard-earned dollars?

Yes.  Yes, it most certainly will.

Source: Nicalis

  1. THIS. Is going to be awesome. I only hope they make a few things a teensy bit more user-friendly, especially in the beginning.

  2. Agreed, i’m loving the platforming love. :D

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