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And why not?

The game’s guts have been replaced with a 250GB external hard drive.  Just imagine all the NES roms you could stick on here!

It’s from Etsy, the Internet marketplace for all things homemade.  Hit the jump to buy your own and make all your friends jealous.

These fun little hard drives are constructed by someone that goes by “8BitMemory” on (find his shop here).  He takes the outer shells of our favorite games of yesteryear and fills the insides with a hiding place for all your illegal music downloads and pornography.  Neat!

What’s more, you can pick your desired hard drive size (choose from 250GB, 320GB, 400GB, 500GB, or 750GB) and choose whatever game you want to serve as the case.  If he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it!  You can choose from TMNT, Battletoads, and Ninja Gaiden on his site, but he points out that no game is off limits.  Also, you can send 8BitMemory your own cartridges and he’ll hack them up for you and mail them back, new and improved.

The prices seem a little steep at around $120 each, but these are big hard drives and the aesthetic value is through the roof.

If you don’t need a hard drive, 8BitMemory turns NES games into clocks, too!

NES Mario Cart Clock

What’s more, the clocks are only $19.99.  Can’t beat that with a stick.  Also, free shipping!  Looks like it’s “time” to nerd out a little.  Ha ha… ha.

Source: Etsy

  1. I’m tempted to buy a Super Mario Bros 3 hard drive and a Metal Gear clock but I really gotta stop buying every single cool thing posted on Gamer Limit or Dtoid.

  2. avatar Anonymous

    Wow. Roms? Lost a lot of respect right there, Nick.

  3. It was just a joke, Anonymous. The only emulations I’ve EVER even played were the few I downloaded – legally and with real money – from the Wii’s Virtual Console.

    Just say no to pirates! They hurt the industry!

  4. avatar Wanderer from Ys

    After a certain point pirates no longer hurt the industry. What hurts the industry is constant remaking of the same game and reselling it to people. While the wii virtual console sounds awesome, yay retro games on my new console. What about those of us who already OWN the original games? We bought them years ago. The cart is old dusty and only works every 43rd time you put it in the yellowed with age NES gathering dust in your closet. A high percentage of the Pirate community are some of these people. Hacking their PSPs so they can put roms on them, so they can play their old favorite games without needing to slobber all over a dusty cart in frustration.

    What has hurt the industry the most is Digital Download Games. and that is why the PSP-GO was such a flop. download only? That cuts out the middle man, the game store. Not only that but it destroys the production cost of physical media, however they still charge FULL PRICE for the game.

    You would think that with less overhead, no shipping costs, no production costs, no middleman, Factory direct to your console. The games could be cheeper but they are not.

    But back to the main point. Virtual Console. Thats not emulation, thats reprogramed for a new system, thats ported. It’s one thing to REMAKE a game, update the music graphics and flesh out the story more [in the case of old rpgs] But its a different thing altogether to just port an old game onto a new system.

    And what if your wii were to break? would nintendo happily transfer your wii points and DLC to a new system? Not without a hell of a lot of fighting over it.

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