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ArenaNet and NCsoft surprised fans at the Gamescom conference in Germany today with the debut of the first trailer for Guild Wars 2.

Check out the trailer after the jump..

Who else is excited? Without sounding fanboyish, and even though I wasn’t much of a fan of the original Guild Wars, I will certainly be giving the sequel a look.

You can download and watch the trailer in HD on the official site.

  1. This trailer simply BLEW MY MIND!!!

    I mean seriously, this is exactly what an MMO trailer should be.

  2. I was never really crazy about the first Guild Wars either but this looks amaaaazing.

  3. avatar Auth

    Looks like you’ve found something to like about WoW after all! Glad to hear you’re eyonjing it. I still like the game, I just feel like there’s not that much new to see anymore. I guess that can happen after a year and a half! I’m still psyched for the expansion pack though! Re-rolling Blood Elves with a group of my co-workers. On a PvE server all the way, though. Can’t take that stressful PvP stuff.

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