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If the news of a new trailer for Episodes from Liberty City wasn’t enough for you all, then here are some new screens of the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Did I mention we’ve got the release date too? Oh I did, well read on and I’ll tell you.

Rockstar’s port of the popular Nintendo DS title will be arriving on October 20, not quite in time for the launch of the PSP go, but not too far after it. From the below screens it looks to be shaping up nicely.

While not ground breaking, the extra graphical muscle of the PSP is being shown off, especially on closer inspection of lighting and textures.








  1. *sees if he can afford PSP*

  2. I was hoping it would take advantage of the PSP and be in 3D like the portable titles before it.

  3. It is 3D, it’s just from a top-down(ish) viewpoint.

  4. How much has been hacked out from the DS version though? Slightly prettier isn’t going to cut it if the game is a horrible port.

  5. avatar Eadwin

    Graphics look like GTA 3 from top down view! Gotta love PSP.

  6. avatar Chris

    Awesome – top down view, just like GTA used to be!

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