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A delicious stream of information has been unveiled for the PS3′s hotly anticipated racing simulation Gran Turismo 5, after it has previous remained silent. Taken from the official website, it has been revealed that the final game will include 1000 vehicles and 170 premium models (presumably DLC?).

Along with that most requested of features; vehicle deformation and possibly even rollover physics.

Considering that Polyphony utterly strive for painstaking perfection, to the point that the game has taken over 5 years to roll out since GT4, this will hopefully imply that it will boast the most advanced and realistic collisions to grace a video game to date. It’s time to get excited.

There is just one glaring and somewhat important omission from this announcement however, and that is a solid release date. Still, there is always the Tokyo Game Show…

You can view a translation of the announcement, courtesy of GT Planet, after the break.

  • Models included
  • 1,000 vehicles
  • 170 Premium new models (full interior modeling, the interior corresponds to vehicle damage)
  • 830 kinds of standard model (some are from Gran Turismo 4 that have been carried over to GT5) [Read: Cars we have seen in GT4 before ]
  • Courses
  • 60 courses confirmed with 20 or more to be revealed
  • Physical simulation of vehicles
  • Physics system simulation is brand new
  • Represented is full fall in vehicles [possibly rollover]
  • Damage representation (reproduced in full by real-time collision deformation)
  • faithfully reproducing the behavior of electric cars, i.e. Prius, Insight, hybrid cars and the latest Tesla model
  • Arcade Mode
  • Single Race
  • 2 player battle
  • GT Mode
  • World Map
  • My Garage
  • Car Dealer
  • Tuning Shop (parts, tires)
  • Car Washes/Oil Change
  • Race Championship (Series system, point system)
  • License Test
  • Online
  • Open Lobby
  • Text / Voice Chat
  • Private rooms
  • Online Photo Album
  • Online Replay Album
  • YouTube replay output
  • Photo Mode
  • Photo Drive (Circuit)
  • Photo stage (Stage Photo mode only)
  • Gran Turismo TV
  • Video output to a PSP or PSP Go®
  • Progressive Download
  • Improved user interface
  • Continuous Play for videos
  • Museums
  • The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue version, + more information at TGS
  • Sound
  • Custom soundtracks (Use songs from your PS3 hard-drive)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1
  • User Interface
  • The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and the same design concept. The icons change color
  • Able to track the movement of Cockpit Camera interface (confirmed in full 3-D. The camera can be fully manipulated and you can opt to have your head tracked by the PSEye)

Source: GTPlanet

  1. This game looks to be worth me buying a PS3.

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