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Gaming rage: we’ve all experienced it, or even recorded it. When we play games, we do it for fun, to cure boredom, or to simply blow off some steam. It’s when we start to get absorbed and begin to actually get good at the game a little voice triggers with every death, failed race, and missed jump. Although not audible, it mocks and urges us to either elegantly ignore it, or satisfy its needs.

The need to rage.

Now before we get going I know what some of you may be thinking:

“Oh, I never get angry at games”

“I just like to have fun, I never get too serious”

That’s all well and good for you to think that, but you know deep down when you fell into the endless abyss in Mario 64 and Bowser laughed in your face in such a way that you realized that you couldn’t give a care about what happened to The Princess anymore.

I now present to you the very angry, and very real faces of  the raging gamer.


The Educator:

Most common on platformers or fighting games, usually after the ten to fifteenth failed jump or endless combo of a scantily clad, twig thin woman massacres your pro wrestler, we all start to go that little crazy. This gamer usually takes a much quieter and collected approach and kindly tells the game what the controls are.

Common acts involve holding the desired gamepad or keyboard very very close to the screen and letting the game know just which buttons you pressed and what exactly they do, because it’s very possible that the game has forgotten what you were trying to do in the first place. Well, what a nice thing of us to do.


The Widower:

Probably the calmest, but certainly not the mellowest of our faces of rage. We’ve all been there, when after countless failures that there’s no anger left in our sweaty, cheese Doritos covered hands that all we can do is weep. Fear not for your controllers, only for your own sense of self respect as this can often lead to irrational attempts to beat the game, although you know won’t work will only bring on more sadness and subdued anger.

This can include reversing a car through an entire endurance race or aimlessly shooting into the sky and running in random circles. Probably made worse by the fact that this happens late at night that people may be able to actually hear a tear hit the floor, usually after a few too many drinks.


The Chucker:

This is easily the most violent (and most common) persona of the angry gamer.The Chucker is pretty self explanatory, fail, lose your mind, and throw whatever’s in reach. Mostly facilitated through broken (cheap) or insanely difficult games, we are usually pushed to the point of tracking down whoever designed this piece of crap level and letting them know that we think that it sucks.

Money isn’t factor to these people. Precious objects become mere ammunition as that little voice eggs them on. However don’t feel bad if you’ve broken a few controls or punched a few walls because after all, it’s the game’s fault – not yours.


The Anger Within:

While not necessarily violent, this group is perhaps the angriest and/or scariest of them all. Getting angry is one thing, but regaining your composure after being blinded with white hot rage is a hard thing to do, so I have some compassion for these people.

The Anger Within occurs when raging reaches the point when being ‘wronged’ enough times to surpass the ‘widow’ stage and move onto muttering the worst things imaginable. Although not the loudest or most extravagant form of rage, it means the most to growl a “what the FUCK!?” with a nice little flick of volume and expression at the end. Now, doesn’t that feel better?


The Socializer:

We’ve all been at a LAN party or games convention when there’s that guy freaking out, yelling, and drawing others into his vortex of rage. Bored mothers shield their sons, girlfriends pull their boyfriends away and there’s always that one guy stuck having to listen how “broken the level design is” or “..that’s the problem with games these days”.

The Socializer is one of the worst ragers out there. Always looking for security, always trying to justify to other why he just threw his $60 controller across the room. But they don’t understand, and frankly, when we become the Socializer, neither do we.

In conclusion:

So whether you want to believe it or not: we’ve all gotten angry at a game one time or another. Its not because we’re angry people or mentally disturbed. Its the fact that something which we are voluntarily playing and have spent our hard earned cash on is taking the piss out of us (or so we think).

So, the next time you decide to play through again on hard mode, or have to sit through a 10 minute cutscene, only to be obliterated by a boss and be forced to watch it again and again, Gamer Limit’s there with you every step of the way. Because we know how it feels, and that’s all that matters.

  1. avatar de BLOO

    lol you plugged Gamerlimit IN!

  2. Haha this is awesome. I’m definitely “The Anger Within”. I’m pretty certain that my neighbours (with small children) cringe every time they hear a “WHAT THE FUCK!?” coming from my place.

  3. Great article, I lol’d a bit :D

  4. avatar Gore

    If you break your stuff because of a game… that’s just sad.

  5. I’m the silent rager, very rarely will I shout with rage, but the end of Killzone 2 was one such moment that drove me to scream with frustration.

  6. I don’t get angry, I get even. Great piece. I love all the different pictures.

  7. @Gore
    You can break anything as a result of any active sport/activity.

    If you’re an artist, and you aren’t satisfied with your piece, you may break a brush/coloring utensil. If you’re a soccer player, you may get angry, and punt the ball into an unrecoverable location.

    It’s human nature to take things out on objects!

  8. You’re such a crazy Melbournite Chris :P

  9. iz u p00p1n? y4 uz m4k3z p00p1n f4c3, uz g0tz t4 b3 p00p1n.

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