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Avatar ImageEyepet dated for PS3
By: | August 29th, 2009
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eyepet cuteness

He kinda looks like Gizmo, is almost as cute and is invading your Playstation 3 this year. Sony’s Eyepet has the potential to be this year’s must have Christmas gift for younger gamers, tapping into the same market that made Nintendogs such a success for Nintendo. While I don’t fit into that demographic I still really want one, he’s just so damn cute!

Read on for the release date and the official trailer in all its sugar coated awesomeness.

Eyepet will be available from November 17, just in time for the Christmas rush. Coming bundled with the PS Eye camera, players interact in real time with their on screen pet. Everything from petting to grooming to playing games with your pet is done through the camera recognizing player’s hand movements.

Check out the trailer to see how it all comes together, I guarantee you’ll be whistling that song for the rest of the day. Whether you want to or not!


  1. It’s no Sackboy, but it is undeniably cute. You have to wonder if this will turn out to be any more than a novelty, though.

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