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Evony, the online browser-based strategy game, who is well known for having really annoying ads, is now attempting to sue one of their most vocal critics.

The curious part is of the legal threat is, Evony is hosted in America; Bruce (the critic) is located in the UK, and the legal threat is coming from an Australian lawyer, using Australian law.


Entire legal document available here

Australia is well known for how harsh their defamatory laws are, so I suspect they might be using Australian law to try and gain an easy victory. UK publication The Guardian, who has also been critical of Evony, have noted on their article that they are also the subject of a legal complaint…it looks like it might be critic hunting season.

Source: BruceonGames via NegativeGamer

  1. It’s completely retarded since any win on Evony’s accord would be completely baseless since Bruce lives in the UK. Not only that, but I daresay his site is hosted in the US too, which puts it under US law.

  2. avatar Bruceongames

    Hi, this morning I have written up more about what is going on here:

  3. Actually, if he is suing under defamation law, then if he can show that the content he is suing over is affecting the company in the country they are suing from, then they would have a case. As an internet article can be accessed online, so it’s worldwide, previous cases have been dragged over the globe.

    An African guy once took a UK paper to court in Canada about an article on their website, as the article was online, the African man argued that the damage to his reputation would be worldwide.

    When it came to light the article had been accessed online only 3 times in the time period of the complaint, it transpired that 2 were from the man himself and the other 1 was from his lawyers!

    We studied this in my media law class. If you watch this Youtube clip on “Libel Tourists” as they’re called, then it explains a particular case about a minute or so in.

  4. I feel horrible for Bruce. Evony is an exercise in sleazy advertising, and many people have claimed to receive malware.

  5. I pretty sure they sell email addresses also. When I tried Evony a few months back the email I used has since been bombarded with spam. I’d say almost 10x what I was getting previously.

  6. avatar Dereck

    Mr. Everiss has my full support too, and I began by spreading the case, as he asked:

  7. avatar X

    it seems that phone number listed has been used by a number of companies over the last several years. search (302) 353-1373

  8. avatar Iean

    The game is nothing like the ads say, I played since Civony and it really is just whoever buys his way up gets his way. Not to mention it has absolutly no queen, no world conquest, and absolutly no balance. It isnt good at all and they are now trying to get rid of the people who publicly say so.

  9. avatar Bruceongames

    I have written a couple of articles about how the online evidence about Evony that I need to defend my case is being deleted by someone.

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