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Just announced on the EGMNOW twitter, is that the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine will be returning December 1st.

Will you be resubscribing?

Plans put in motion today for EGM to return on December 1…
(Steve Harris on Twitter)

Publication of EGM was halted in January 2009, following the ownership change of the 1up network to the Hearst Corporation. In May of 2009 EGM founder Steve Harris obtained the publication rights back for EGM, and has as previously stated already set in motion the return to publication.

I was never much of fan of EGM, although I am curious of how many of our readers will be resubscribing.

  1. Should have left it dead, they’ve already lost all of their momentum.

  2. I loved EGM and will most likely resubscribe.

  3. Canning EGM like that and subbing Maxim instead was a horrible idea: they should have given people something gaming/electronic related (no, not the piss poor 5 page Maxim “electronic” section).

    If EGM comes back from the dead, it’s only a matter of time until they get canceled again, and you get stuck with Hannah Montana Monthly.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    More Hsu and Chan!!!

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