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Until recently, I thought the idea of the iPhone as a portable gaming platform was a laughable matter at best.  Without any type of real control scheme, a weak processor, and a poor selection of games, how would it ever be able to compete with the likes of the DS or the PSP?  As far as I was concerned, it would never be popular enough for it to make any type of significant impact on the gaming industry.

Then something completely unexpected happened that changed everything and caused me to question all of the previous reservations I had about the iPhone as a portable gaming device.  Read on to find out more about this major break-through I had, and why I’m starting to change my mind.

About three weeks ago my oldest nephew turned 14.  When I asked his mom what to get the budding teenager, she told me I should get an iTunes gift card.  When I first heard this I thought it was a pretty lame gift idea.  I’m typically the “cool Uncle Shawn” who gets my nephews new video games for special occasions, not boring plastic cards.  I don’t know about you, but I despised getting gift cards when I was a kid.

They always just seem like a cop-out. I asked my sister if she was sure he didn’t want a new PSP or DS game, but she explained he was getting a new shiny iPhone for his birthday and needed the gift card to put stuff on it.  I didn’t have any other choice at this point, so I drove to Target and did exactly as I was told; I bought a boring, blue $50 iTunes gift card.  It wasn’t until I got to his birthday party that I found out why he wanted one so bad.

Apparently my nephew didn’t want an iPhone just to listen to music and watch videos, his main goal was to play games on it.  When I heard this nonsense come out of his mouth I laughed out loud, and proceeded to ask him why he doesn’t just play games on his PSP and/or DS.  The next words he spoke made my jaw drop and literally changed everything I had come to understand about the view kids have of portable gaming.

Apparently my nephew no longer owned his PSP or his DS.  Neither did his younger 9 year old brother for that matter.  They had both sold all of their portable systems and all their portable games just so they could own an iPhone to play with.  After hearing this monstrosity I was speechless.  It took me a while to figure out what to say next, but once I did I had a ton of questions.

I couldn’t conceive of why my nephews would want to give up their PSP and their DS to play games on the iPhone.  You have to understand that my nephews were huge fans of Nintendo’s and Sony’s portable systems.  They owned tons of games for each, and took them everywhere they went. Whenever they weren’t at school, doing homework, or playing outside, they were playing on their portable systems.

Why would they want to give all of those awesome portable gaming experiences up to play lame, short, shallow games on the iPhone.  The device doesn’t have great games like Mario Kart DS or Rhythm Heaven, it has Cave Man Racing and Tap Tap.  How could these horrible games ever compete with the awesome games on the PSP and the DS.  I just didn’t understand at all.


Once I finally came out of my confused state, my nephews explained why they wanted the iPhone over the PSP and the DS. What shocked me the most was how rational their reasons were.  Not only did they make perfect sense for someone their age, but they made perfect sense for someone my age as well.  I would like to share their reasoning with you now, so you can understand where my nephews are coming from.  Please note that none of these are my own ideas.  These came straight from the mouth of a 9 and 14 year old boy.

  1. The iPhone has shorter duration games, which are easier to pick up and play for 5-10 minutes instead of the longer DS/PSP games which require longer time commitments. My nephews are on the go a lot, as are most adults, and they don’t have time to sit down and play long games.  The ability to pick up a system and play for just a couple of minutes is very enticing to them.  If they want to play a long, time consuming game, they will play it on their XBOX360 or the PS3, not on the small little screen of their DS or PSP.
  2. iPhone games are a lot cheaper to buy. To an 8-15 year old kid, a $40 DS/PSP game is a lot of money.  For that much you can buy six to eight different ones on the iPhone.  My nephews, like a lot of kids, respond to quantity over quality.  They don’t care if a $40 DS game is a lot better then a $6 iPhone game.  What they care about is quantity, which means a lot of variety in their gaming.  This was a big selling point for my nephew, and why he wanted me to get him a $50 iTunes gift card.
  3. iPhone games are saved directly on the internal hard drive, so my nephews don’t have to carry around any extra weight, like games or accessories. When you own 20+ games, like my nephews do, it can be tough to carry all those games around, especially PSP games.  Having all your games always with you on the internal memory is a big plus.  This point is a little moot now with the announcement of the PSPgo, but it’s too early to tell how popular this system will be.
  4. Besides the games, the iPhone also offers up a bunch of other fun, interesting, and useful applications that the PSP and DS don’t have. You can surf the internet, figure out your GPS location, and turn your iPhone into a light saber. These are just a couple of the million things you can do on your iPhone you can’t do on your PSP or DS.  I mean the popularity of the iPhone app store speaks for itself, since as of April this year, the store has sold over 1 billion applications.  It is simply one of the most intuitive portable marketplaces on the planet.
  5. The most important reason of all though, is that all of their friends are doing it. Apparently a lot of my nephews’ friends have all started trading in their PSP’s and DS’s for iPhones.  When you’re a kid, you aren’t cool if you aren’t doing what all your friends are doing right.  This is as true now as it was when I was a kid, as when my parents were kids.

Reason #5 on the previous list shocked me the most.  I was completely blown away to hear that a lot of the kids in my nephews’ school were starting to trade in their PSP’s and DS’s for iPhones.  Here I thought that people would never see these devices as real portable video game systems, but it appears I was wrong.  Kids are indeed interested in them, so much to the point they are actually getting rid of their old systems.

This phenomenon is not just confined to kids, it’s also happening to adults.  In the past year, a lot of my friends have all started buying iPhones, and I’m hearing more and more of them say that they use them to feed their gaming habit.  When they aren’t calling their loved ones or listening to music, they are playing everything from Puzzle Quest to Tap Tap.

Many married couples I know actually buy two copies of the same game together, so they can play each other in multiplayer matches.  They use these iPhone games for everything from passing time during their lunch break, to getting through long business plane flights, to having something to do while on the toilet.  Honestly, the iPhone is quickly becoming one of the most played gaming systems amongst my friends.


After talking to my nephews about the iPhone, I decided to do some digging to find out if the little device actually had any games that I would be interested in playing.  Imagine my shock when discovered there were plenty of them that I would definitely buy if I owned the phone.  There is a scaled down version of the extremely popular Puzzle Quest, as well as a portable variation of Peggle.   There are also lots of completely original games, such as Drop7 and Mecho Wars, which are extremely good.

What’s more important then the games already on the system, are the ones currently being made for it.  As 2009 has shown, a lot of big companies, like EA and Capcom, are starting to develop for the iPhone.  The last nine months have seen portable versions of Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 4, and Mass Effect all come to the device.  When companies like Electronic Arts step into the iPhone arena, you know it’s time to take the system more seriously as a gaming platform.

To conclude, let me make a couple of things clear.  At this point in time I don’t really think the iPhone is going to actually replace the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP, but I do think it’s quickly growing in popularity as a portable gaming system, both with kids and adults.  While it might not be a sound replacement, it could definitely change the portable gaming market so much that the DS and PSP have to adapt to be more like the iPhone.

It won’t shock me if in the next couple of years we see both systems start to copy the business model of the device.  We’ve already seen the PSPgo revert to downloadable games only, and there are a lot of rumors a future PSP2 might have touch screen functionality.  Even the new DSi has the capability to sell cheap downloadable games, that are shorter with less substance, and it already has more advanced touch screen capability.  The PSPgo and DSi are definitely on their way to becoming more and more like the iPhone.

What both these systems don’t have is the multipurpose capability of the iPhone.  It’s already geared to become the “all in one” handheld that everyone is looking for these days.  It has your phone, internet, music, video, and gaming device all in one place, backed by a company who is extremely dedicated to supporting their products for a very long time.

What’s even more shocking, is how many reputable companies like EA are starting to make games for the iPhone that are really good and really fun to play.  Put all of those selling points together, and you have an unstoppable device that all of its competitors should be afraid of.  Maybe the iPhone really will replace the DS and the PSP and become the next popular portable gaming machine.

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  1. Great article!

    The entire ‘itouch’ platform has sunk its claws deep into my social circles. I think its the pretty touch screen and convinence of an all-in-one device that makes it so damm addictive

  2. I have to say I certainly agree, despite how far off it may seem.

    My reasoning is that eventually, people will dislike the notion of having 3-4 different devices for storage, music, gaming, and telecommunications. When the next generation of the iPhone hits, expect to see more of a shift towards gaming.

  3. avatar Jeff

    My wife loves her iPod Touch. She also owns a DS, but really only used it when she traveled. She has her iPod out constantly because she checks her email on it, and she’ll often sit down on the couch and play a game, too. She too loves the low-cost games. The one major problem with the Touch and iPhone is the battery life. I’ve flown around the world without recharging my DS, but battery life on the iPhone or Touch when gaming can be pretty short.

  4. avatar That Guy

    Good article- while the DS is awesome (I have one)… I find zero need for it with my iPhone. I definitely think the portable gaming market could be in serious trouble if iPhone ever gets on all carriers, and Apple markets it to the gaming community.

  5. Lately I’ve been neglecting my DS for the iTouch. It does have a lot of silly junk games, but there are a few gems available to play with. Not to mention the fact that they’re super convenient. I love having a teeny little computer with me wherever I go, especially when travelling. I can check e-mail and things in train stations and stuff without having to lug my laptop with me. I never expected to use my iTouch for a gaming device, but it turns out I use the games more than the music! I can certainly see how the iPhone/touch could become a veritable contender as a portable gaming system.

  6. I really don’t mind owning multiple devices for multiple uses because usually, something that is built to be a phone, a camera, an mp3 player and a gaming system, doesn’t do any of those things as well as a standalone phone, camera, mp3 player and gaming system would do. If they ever create a device that does all things as well as the standalone units do, then ‘ll buy it.

  7. I’m perfectly happy carrying my HTC Diamond in my pocket, MP3 in my jacket and my PSP in my bag.

    I don’t want it all in one as history shows that compromise is always made when convergence happens. My phone for example does not have the playlist functionality of my mp3. My mp3 or phone cannot compete with the likes of God of War and Crisis Core on my PSP. My PSP is too big to be a music player in my pocket and so on…

    Jack of all trades and master of none is not my cup of tea.

  8. avatar Jason Stanley

    Great article and a pretty good read!

    I personally go with a PSP as my choice of handheld as it tends to be marketed more towards an adult audience. The iPhone does look fun and jam-packed with tons of goodies but it seems too faddish to take seriously as a gaming machine. What is good is that there’s now competition meaning Sony and Nintendo will need to up their game.

  9. avatar Brian

    One thing you and your nephews fail to rationalize is the gulf between the iPhone and the PSP/DS in terms of hardware pricing.

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  10. avatar Not Bill Gates

    How many parents can afford a $100.00/month iPhone for their 14 year old kid?

  11. avatar jason

    i was thinking the same thing. why is this kid getting an iphone, isn’t that a tad much?

    there was an article published this past weekend that said it was more powerful than the much-loved wii. can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  12. avatar Dirtnap

    Eventually, the iPhone (or a similar device) will be a substitute for the DS/PSP, your phone, and a portable web PC. Right now it looks like Apple is poised to be very strong in this future market.

  13. @Brian: Actually, there really isn’t much of a difference in hardware price between the iPhone and DS/PSP. You can get an 8Gb iPhone 3G for only $100. That’s $30 less then the reguarly priced DS Lite. The 16Gb 3GS only costs $200 now, which is $50 less then the PSPgo.

  14. avatar JacksonBrown

    Too bad the kid doesn’t have to worry about that $100+ a month cell phone bill.

  15. avatar JacksonBrown

    Anyways, ever since I’ve gotten an iPhone my PSP and DS have been collecting dust.

  16. avatar chris

    if you actually get your kid an itouch or iphone before they are even 10 years old then something is seriously wrong with you… no one is mentioning the crappy service from at&t… and no one mentions that with a psp you can get online check your emails save your mp3 if you want to and you can even watch videos you might have saved on ps3. personally i wont get any apple products simply because steve jobs is a douche.

  17. avatar chris

    and wow some of you people that talk about sony or nintendo need to up their game really need to get their head out of their asses because they dont know what they are talking about… the psp and the ds have been out for years people are retarded

  18. avatar Jack Scagnetti

    Solid article. I don’t understand why an iPhone is $100 a month though. Buy it, pick voice minutes from the family plan and it only leaves the data extra.

    I’m part of the convergence crew. One thing to charge is enough. The iPhone does phone and music well. I like the apps too. Games are a distraction but they’re decent enough for me to pay $5. If I’m paying full price I’ll get it for the PC. Apple has been dominating markets and personally I think it’s a matter of time before they own this one.

  19. avatar Billy

    @ Shawn Evans

    I think he was talking about the monthly cost as well. iPhone data plans killed was too much, so i sold my iPhone. I dont have to pay 80 bucks a month for my psp :P

  20. avatar Honer234

    @Shawn Evans
    Yes, but $100 a month on top of the price is the difference. PSP and DS are free after purchase. The cost of the games is more, but not $100 a month more, unless the kid buys 2.5 games a month for two years straight.

  21. avatar Michael

    No real controls. Good platform to make small $5 games, but that’s about it.

  22. I think the title phrase “one day” is very relevant when speaking of the viability of every American someday owning an iPhone.

    I’m willing to bet the AT&T exclusive deal will run out in due time, and a competitive pricing scheme will be enacted by various phone companies, allowing a lower/middle class citizen access.

    The iPhone is the way of the future….the way of the future.

  23. avatar moog

    Why an iPhone when you can get 99% of the functionality from an iTouch? :P

  24. I don’t think it’s all too unreasonable to have assumed the iPhone would make a crappy gaming device; you don’t need to look that far back into the past to find the Nokia N-Gage, after all!

    Still, it’s good to hear that it’s doing well. The handheld market could use more competition, so here’s hoping that later versions have an even greater focus on gaming.

  25. avatar PX

    You can’t compare a “Phone” with portable systems. It’s not the same. And why would you get a IPhone just to play games and listening to music and all that other stuff. Ipod Touch, yeah. But a IPhone. I mean, I understand their point of view but a IPhone just for games and less money. But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a monthly payment. The monthly payment would be around $100 and buying the full games or the applications are at least $2 a piece. So that means that you’re spending even more money on the IPhone than a PSP or DS.
    $$ spent on IPhone per year: You spend about $2 for each full game. And there are still the applications and the monthly payment. Let’s say you buy 2 full games per month and cost $2 per game. You spend more than $1200 per year.

    $$ spent on PSP per year: 1100 the first year. After that, You spend about $550 per year..You spend at least $20 per games and say that you buy 2 games per month. After that, you only spend about $100 on things for the PSP.

    $$ spent on DS per year: You buy 2 games per month, you spend about $30 per game. You spend about $880 the first year. After that, you only spend about $720 per year.

    So, is the IPhone a better deal or a PSP/DS? I say The portable game system. This is just my point of view. But I’d understand more if it were a IPod Touch instead of Iphone

  26. avatar chinhster

    Argue all you want about the iPhone vs. PSP/DS as a gaming platform but let’s stop with this extra $100/month nonsense. It’s a kid so they should already be on a family plan (because let’s face it, just about every kid already has a cellphone that the parent is paying for). So we’re talking an extra $30/month for the data plan and whatever text messaging package they need if they aren’t already paying it.

  27. avatar John Gronquist

    You have to remember, most teenagers also already have a phone plan anyways these days.. The iPhone offers an honest to goodness one-device solution at long last, and does it frankly in ways that blow away what any of us expected the first iteration of that device to be..

    It’s got plenty of horsepower to make decent games on, and mouse-light point and click amongst a broad range of other features, all bundled up in a sexy little box.

    Plus the games are dirt cheap, even for $5-8 ‘premiere’ titles, like Peggle or Monkey Island.

    The only people really whining are the ultra-hardcore types that still brag how much they’ve overclocked their PC’s to get 240FPS in FarCry..

  28. John Gronquist speaks the truth.

    Even then, I have a top-end PC, and I still want the iPhone someday: if anything for toilet gaming.

  29. How topical, I’ve just got one today. I finally gave in, realising that there isn’t a better phone out there no matter how much I want there to be.

    I’m pleasantly surprising with the games. You get quite a lot for 59p.

  30. I dont know why people are using the $/month argument at all. In some countries, you can buy the iphone outright, unlocked.

    Even if you can’t, the monthly fee is for phone/data charges, and possibly a tiny fee for the phone itself if you haven’t paid for it.

  31. avatar Brian

    @James Pinnell : Sure, you can buy it outright, for 500 euro. You can get a DS/PSP for 150. As the emphasis shifts towards downloading games (cf. PSP Go), I suspect that the latter systems’ software pricing is going to come down, and conversely the iPhone’s prices are continuously climbing as more and more premium content comes to the market. I suspect it would take a while for the 350e price difference to cancel out. Not forgetting that you can get games pre-owned for the DS and PSP.

    @John Gronquist : We clearly move in differing circles. I live in Ireland, and I pay at most 20 euro a month for my mobile phone usage. For me to get an iPhone, I have the following options :
    200 euro for the phone + 50 euro a month contract (18 mo)
    129e + 65e/mo
    80e + 100e/mo

    None of them are particularly appealing, especially when you consider the pathetic amount of texts the priceplans offer (I get unlimited texts with my 20 euro, plus whatever data and calls I can fit into the 20).

    In the current pricing scheme that Apple has threshed out, the iPhone is out of reach for the masses.

  32. avatar BC

    @ Chris Carter

    Thought Zune had exclusive rights to “toilet gaming”


    • avatar Maryanne

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  33. avatar Rick

    In the States, I do not know where you get $100/month. Voice and data is $70/month (unlimited text is $20 more). If you already have an AT&T family plan, the data would only be $30/month more than you’re already paying. Is $30/month a lot? That’s less than 1 new PSP/DS game/month.

  34. avatar HD Boy

    This is a very good story with salient points. However, many parents just won’t buy an iPhone data plan for their kids (AT&T really needs to lower the cost of their iPhone family data plans, but they’ll milk this business model until the very end of their exclusivity agreement).

    However, parents will get their kids an iPod touch and that’s why many kids I know want the iPod touch instead of the iPhone. Similar hardware, same software (and games), no monthly data plan costs. Also, Apple always offers an iPod touch model with twice the available memory of the iPhone (a 32GB iPhone 3GS now is available; look for a 64GB iPod touch GS to be released in September).

  35. avatar Truth

    Good article. Try to remember that there’s a difference between “then” and “than.”

  36. avatar CGC

    I can’t believe people who do not have iPhones judging the decisions of those who decided to have one. The most terrible thing was how people continue to use incorrect information they read some in an attempt to justify their own bias.

    To use a rather crude analogy, if all you can afford is a burger from MacDonald. Live with it. You do not have to disparage those who can afford to eat in a five star restaurant, or even fly all the way to Paris, if they want to — just to eat an overprice meal.

    Don’t say, food is food. It is all calories anyway. If you think that, then it says more about you than the other people you are trying to despise or brand as stupid. It will reveal more how shallow your capability to understand human beings — what motivates them to do stuff.

    We could point out the issue of social justice and the despicable rich, but that is another angle altogether. Injustice in this world has nothing to do with owning an iPhone or your decision not to buy one, or inability to afford one.

    Thus, if you do not like the iPhone, don’t buy it. That simple. Live with what you want and what you can afford. If you use a crappy LG phone and a cheap Sprint service because they are cheap and they are all you can afford. [I have both at the moment, by the way.]

    Live with your decisions. Your own choices, and how you came up with them are yours alone. The whole world need not think like you do. NO ONE is superior or inferior, if different people come up with different choices.

    It is more telling of our time and age that we hate people because they do not thik like we do, and they do not live like we do.

  37. avatar CGC

    Children can teach many adults here

    As pointed out by the author, the logic of the children put to shame many of the adults here whoa are ruled so much by their hatred of the iPhone, Apple or Steve Jobs, or for their own liking of another technology.

    It is true that children can be influenced by peer pressure, but they are not unique. Everyone to an extent is affected by the “peer pressure” imposed by the society at large.

    What is different about the kids mentioned by the article is that they are not as bigoted or as biased, like some opf the posters here.

    Let us say their main motivation is to belong. [Good or bad reason, that is another story.] What did they do? They sold their other games and toys, more than likely to help pay for the iPhone they wanted.

    Only the bully would attempt who may want something different, or could nnot afford one would attempt to intimidate others to see it his(her) way.

    And, that is what some here are doing: We call people stupid, wasting money, etc., etc. — because they do not see it our way.

    I believe that is the greater sin. The inability not to accept people as they are because they are different from us, or think differently from us.

  38. avatar mark

    Same thing is happening with my kids. 13-year old daughter cried when I took my iPhone 3GS with me on a business trip instead of leaving it at home. Agreed to get her an iPod touch for her July birthday (can’t upgrade her phone until next July). 10-year old son begged me to leave my iPhone at home today so he could play on it (and I did – just for today). He told me to sell his DS and its games. He too is getting an iPod touch for his July birthday. When we go out with other families, he uses my iPhone to play with his friends who either have their own iPod touch or are using their parent’s iPhone.

    I’m making them wait until Sept when I expect the next iPod touch version to be available.

    • avatar Ranju

      Hey Josh you are awsome! i have been wainntg to meet the hawks. I play for the 7th grade basketball team here in Gainesville,ga. If i get to meet the hawks i would be really really really HAPPY! my birthday is april 1st and i would love to watch you and the celtics play on my b-day. P.S MY GRANDMA GOT ME YOUR JERSEY FOR CHRISTMAS AND I LOVE IT!

  39. avatar CGC

    Individual and Family Plans

    Just so there is no confusion, here is the pricing for the iPhone monthly

    So, think again before you keep on spouting your $100 or more per month. More than likely you read it elsewhere, and accepted it beecause it conforms to your reasoning, either not liking AT&T, Apple, Steve Jobs, and or the iPhone, and because you prefer something else.

    A friend of mine, who must have tried all the latest phones over the years, except Blackberry — she has landline phones in every room in her house — and a cell phone wherever she travelled around the US, and in other countries.

    She used to “not like” the iPhone but her Sprint Phone got broken when she dropped it accidentally. The Sprint office expected her to pay more than $400 for a replacement. She bought the iPhone instead.

    Now she could not live without her iPhone. She said, it “save her life” when she was in the hospttal for several days. She liked it that she did not have to carry a bible and other stuff they use in their Church, and could bring it with her everywhere. She likes all sorts of music and the internet radio was her thing… many many more.

    The children in her house, some still in the elementary borrow her iPhone to play games too. She said they are even better than her (no surprise there)

    She intimated also that because of all the Apps she could download, she hardly uses her computers (two) and does not even use her monthly minutes anymore. She liked it too that she can “rollover” her unused minutes.

    Her latest news, many of her friends saw her using her iPhone so much, quite a number have bought one too already. One friend who is a businessman would not want to get rid of his Blackberry because he did not want to transfer his vast phone directory. I told her to tell him that it could he done. But, anyway, the guy plans to buy an iPod touch to play games.

    And he has three kids, so you know where that will lead to — which is the essence of this story. Whether it will be iPhone, or some other gadgets that will prevail, we will know a few years from now. The bottom line, as explored in this article, children affect the decision of parents, and make a great difference in the course of winners and losers in technology.

  40. avatar pk de cville, VA

    Truth in Advertising: The kids’ iphones cost $9.99 (family plan) plus $30 data. With tax, the cost is about $45, not $100 a month.

    That said, the kids are lucky to have the phones paid for.

  41. avatar Uncle Fester

    Duh! For that $45 a month they have “cool Uncle Shawn” :P

  42. avatar Brian

    @CGC : Um, why don’t you write about it in your blag?

  43. avatar Not a gamer

    CGC can do whatever he likes. Whether it be digg or the random forum, I’ve noticed that longer comments are often better than the standard one-liners, anyway, especially if the one-liners add nothing to the discussion, plant false information, or even correct information yet in a hateful vein.

    He seemed to need to get it off his chest, simply because there are lots of hate and haters online. He was basically venting in what can correctly be called a rant. Unfortunately, that just encourages many haters. And what’re you going to do about astroturfers? (Yes, they exist according to an MBA marketing class of my wife’s I recently sat in on. And no, they weren’t teaching students to do it.)

    Sure, he may even be biased in the opposite direction — i.e. rejecting those who do NOT like the iPhone, just as some reject those who DO like the iPhone. Yet, if so he kept it to himself. Besides, whenever an actual human being points out something wrong about humans, they’re automatically a hypocrite.

  44. @Not
    I enjoyed his lengthy comment, which is why I was recommending he make a blog and share more of his opinions.

    I tend to write essay comments myself, ese :D

  45. I for one can attest to the fact that Chris likes to write essays as comments. The man just never knows when to put away the keyboard.

  46. avatar john

    For one thing the iphone ends you up loosing more than $1,000 a year with the $80-150 dollars a week. The dsi (new) can surf the internet and download apps just like an iphone along with the psp wich can also download apps. The iphone would have no chance

  47. avatar Ipoop

    I thought iphones can be hacked/exploited thru sms? Shame.

  48. avatar James Katt

    If you can’t afford the iPhone, then you can certainly afford the iPod Touch – which can run nearly every App that the iPhone can.

    What people don’t realize is that for every iPhone that is sold, an iPod Touch is also sold. This means the iPhone + iPod Touch market is a HUGE market for game developers.

    The iPhone 3Gs already has more horsepower than a Nintendo DS. And it has more horsepower than the Nintendo Wii (surprise!). The next iPod Touch is expected to have just as much more more power.

    With all of the external 3rd party accessories, the huge amount of software they have, and their multi-tool capabilities, the iPhone 3Gs and the iPod Touch completely outstrip the Nintendo DS and PSP in usefulness.

    What teenager wants to carry multiple devices when they can carry it all in the iPhone or iPod Touch?

    The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are going to be relegated to the closet or weill be sold. The writing is already on the wall.

  49. Well written article. I’ve been writing about iPhone games for a while, and though some of the games can be a little eyebrow-raising, others such as Real Racing and Zenonia really set the standards for interactive handheld gaming.

    The reasons you pointed out are simple, yet effective and I wholeheartedly agree. The iPhone/iPod touch are just more accessible, the fact that they eclipse the PSP and DS’ functionality also doesn’t hurt.

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  51. avatar Francisco

    Good article. But IMHO iPhone wasn’t design to play. A videogame console is a system dedicated to this task, so it do it better.

  52. avatar Ahamkara

    Yeah, the fact that the person whom wrote this article says that his nephews both, BOTH, got apple iphones is ludicrous. If they wanted all their games in one place, and were seriously wanting to have all their gaming in one place, they would have gotten a itouch. No monthly fees, plus all the same games/apps as the iphone. Sounds like the two kids points were totally destroyed by the fact their parents will be paying every month for them to play the same games. If they don’t buy anything new, say, for a couple months, they are technically repaying for what they already own. Sounds stupid to me. Also, the iphone/itouch will never replace the psp/ds. The graphical quality is not quite up to par, and most companies would be throwing all their game creativity out the window to make smaller games. Their realizations of what those games should be will never be what they want on the iphone/itouch, so they will ALWAYS need a more powerful piece of hardware for that, thus, the psp and ds. Those who want short, more downgraded games will opt for the iphone hardware, and those who want more highly developed and engrosing games will opt for the psp and ds hardware. Just my realization and/or opinion…

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    “NEVER” is the word. So glad to find some people who are not brainwashed by steve jobs.

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  56. avatar GQB

    No offense, but, “Wow”… you’re blown away by the fact that most people don’t devote their entire waking lives to ‘deep’ games?
    Clue… most of the world has jobs, families or other activities into which a few games fit, not the other way around.
    That said, welcome to reality.

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