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CC trailer

Some of you may remember my car chase machinima Collateral Collision, which I posted a few weeks ago. For those of you who didn’t, this is just to announce an all new launch trailer I have created, which demonstrates its influences and hopefully entices you to watch the whole feature.

Best of all, Gamer Limit even gets a mention! So thank you to all of those who have watched and commented on the film thus far.

My new trailer can be viewed after the break.

  1. Congrats! The obvious amount of care that went into researching previous car chases is apparent, and the exposure is certainly warranted!

  2. Congratulations! Glad to hear your creativity is being well received by your peers.

  3. That’s brilliant mate, glad to see your and your team’s hard work is being well received.

    Also, whoever said that Gran Turismo quote is a legend.

  4. avatar Brad

    Oh hells no…this isn’t an epic trailer without a clip from the new Gone in 60 Seconds haha. Good stuff otherwise :P

  5. Only the original will suffice in my eyes…

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