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I got some bad news PC gamers. Remember when EA said Battlefield 1943 would be coming to the PC later this summer? Well, not any more.

According to DICE, BF1943 on the PC is now delayed until first quarter 2010. The reason it was delayed was to add support for ranked server provider hosting, ensure peripheral functionality (joysticks and the like), add VoIP, and to increase the max player count to 32. Producer Gordon Van Dyke stated, “This was a hard pill to swallow, but it was absolutely needed to ensure the features and functionality that PC players have come to expect from Battlefield on PC are not missing.”

He went on to say, “We haven’t released a Frostbite built game on PC, so going into this project we lacked a starting foundation we had on console. It was and still is the absolutely right decision, for quality sake, to not release until it is ready.”

Battlefield 1943 was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 this past July. The PC version was originally slated to arrive in September, but now has been pushed back to Q1 2010.


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    Once i retire I’d personally like to move to Hawaii.

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