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World record ... Phil Day plays <i>Galaga</i> at home in Braidwood. His 3.44million score came after six months of training.

Phil Day of New South Wales Australia has sat down (or stood up for that matter)  for just over two days and destroyed the past world record score for the arcade classic Galaga with a massive 3.44 million score.

Hit the jump for a very interesting quote from the record beaker.

There was no one else around. I wanted to signify that I had reached the 2.7 million mark for the video recording of the attempt, but I couldn’t get too excited and I was pretty exhausted,

No one else around!? come on Phil! You can’t train and practice for six months to not have anyone else in the room with you. The official rules state:

To qualify for a world record, the game must be played on an unaltered 1981 machine, complete with original circuit boards.”

Here’s hoping that Phil is rewarded for all his hard work, two days straight of doing anything is hard, let alone breaking a record for a 28 year old game.

  1. If someone asked me to supervise them for two days straight of playing Galaga….I think I would do it without a second thought.

  2. avatar bvvblvhblvi

    ive only got 2,988

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