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Will Guitar Hero 5 sell a single copy by itself come September?  Not if people pay attention to all the “Free game with preorder” deals circling the Internet right now.

Hit the jump to see what you can get free this week.

Hot off the heels of a free Guitar Hero: Van Halen with GH5 preorder, the latest deal: a free copy of Guitar Hero: World Tour!  Yay!

Now, this deal seems to be just for the British, as only and are offering it.  Not too shabby, as the free Van Halen was a U.S. exclusive.  If you live in the U.K. and haven’t got a copy of World Tour yet, here’s your chance!

What’s next, buy Guitar Hero 5 and get a free third-world country?  Otherwise, there are about thirty other GH back-catalog games to offer up as an incentive to buy a game most people will already buy anyway.


  1. Talk about having self confidence.

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