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Sony’s awesome Wipeout HD gets a new lease of life today with the Fury expansion. Adding to the game eight new tracks, thirteen new ships and three shiny new game modes to get your teeth into.

The first new mode, “Eliminator” is sure to be the mode of choice for lovers of high speed explosions. Players have access to the full arsenal of weapons in the game to use on their opponents. The winner being the one with the most points at the end.

The second new game mode is “Zone Battle”, taking the original Zone mode, adding in multi player and letting the chaos commence. A new element of strategy is added into the mode with the addition of zone pads which can be used to either speed up or replace lost shield energy.

Finally there is the explosive (pun very much intended) “Detonator” mode. Piloting a newly designed ship around the tracks, players must destroy the placed mines and take out the bomb for big points.

Wipeout HD Fury expansion is currently available to download on the European PSN store for GBP 7.99 / EUR 9.99.

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