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Possibly one of the most recognizable gaming landmarks has been built as a case mod for the N64.

Could it be the most epic N64 case mod yet?

The Peach Castle N64 case mod was recently sold on eBay (finishing just today); oddly it only sold for a paltry $100. Which considering how epic it looks, that seems rather light.


From the eBay auction

Up for auction is a hand-designed custom Nintendo 64 made to look like Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64.

The exterior of the castle has been molded to look like the bricks and roof tiles, then painted. The mural of Princess Peach is a very detailed mosaic and the five flags are made of cloth.

The top part of the castle is removable so you can put a game cartridge inside when you need to.


Girlish or just plain awesome?


Source: Technabob

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  1. This mod both scares and arouses me

    … by the way, anyone ELSE think this was giant cake the first time they saw it, or was that just me? I might be hungry

  2. Don’t worry Matty, I thought it was a cake too.

    That would be quite a modification. Perfect Dark Chocolate? Conker’s Bad Fur Cake? Tony Hawk’s Pro Caker 2?

    Are any of these working for anyone?

    • avatar Armaan

      Best wishes. Hope ehevytring is going well for you all and that any surprises that have come up with your new change in locale are happy ones. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new place one you have time and aren’t overwhelmed with caring for little m and scarlet – that should be in a decade or so.

  3. Goldenbrown 64, Souffle Smash Brothers, Meringue Truck Madness …

    Damn, I’ve gotta get my ass to a bakery on the way home.

    Let that be a lesson kids, modding your N64 leads to obesity.

    • avatar Daniel

      THURSDAY = theme day In the spirit of St Patty’s Day, come in your best green gear to bring out your inner Irishman(woman). I can grueantae you I have special socks for this occasion and may even wear some kind of tutu. Just warning you.

  4. Can we make a cake like this? I’m hungry…

  5. Here’s a NES cake, couldn’t find a N64 one however

    I should make some controller cookies :)

  6. avatar Viky

    Hello Sha not sure if you’ll see this, but thanks for sraihng and I appreciate the comment. I was in Australia last autumn, and I hope to make another trip to see NZ some day.

  7. avatar brian

    Hey, I was just passing through and I heard someone say cake. There’s cake here?

  8. avatar brian

    Oh, and while I’m here, can anyone direct me to the conspiracy theory websites? I heard that s#*t is all the rave these days and I kinda wanted to check it out. See what all the hub bub’s about.

  9. avatar Florencio Kormos

    I stumbled upon this via Bing. This site appears great.

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