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After some teasing last week from LucasArts regarding an iPhone version of the point and click classic, it seems they’ve made good on hinted suggestions of the iPhone/iPod touch version of The Secret of Monkey Island.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition appeared on the iTunes store yesterday with little fan fare. You can buy the game for $7.99 for your iPhone or iPod Touch – a premium price for an iTunes app. However, weighing in at 351 MB it looks as though fans will certainly get what they pay for.

  1. Its times like this I really wish I could afford an iPhone. Monkey Island on the go seems too good to pass up.

  2. Shit yeah this is awesome, $9.99 Aussie to download

  3. I will literally never be bored on the train ever again!

  4. avatar Leathersoup

    Hopefully Lucas Arts is rewarded for putting out the adventure titles. They used to be the best. I hope they start making them again.

  5. Lucas Arts casts Quality App!
    walkyourpath fails Saving Throw vs. Enticing Purchase!
    walkyourpath’s wallet is hit for 799 pennies of damage.

  6. avatar ColinZeal

    Oh please, Day of the Tentacle Special Edition. Man i´d LOVE that one.

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