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Beginning with the Umbrella Chronicles, it has been Nintendo’s duty to deliver portions of the Resident Evil series to Nintendo Wii fans.  Although the Umbrella Chronicles never made a huge splash, the next installment is bound to get Wii-ers pumped for some “on rails” action.

The guys from Geekstir had the opportunity to get some hands on time from this year’s Comic-Con.  The game follows Resident Evil  2 and Code Veronica.  Each gameplay demonstration looks pretty amazing, but I have to give it up to RE2.  It just looks even creepier than the original.  Who said having a partner around takes away from the survival horror mood?


  1. Wow, this looks to be really good. I liked the first game, if only because I love rail shooters and Resident Evil, but this one seems to be kicking up the horror mood quite a bit… might be reason enough to keep my Wii for just a bit longer :D

  2. avatar eric riquelme

    it is game,is very nice i’love it

  3. avatar Pandu

    anyone know if this game supports any of the wii guns? im after some good shnotiog games for the wii just got deep space, house of dead and ghost squad, just wondering if theres any others that support the guns, and thanks for the video resident evil games are pure quality.

  4. avatar Mitch Vallarta

    We’re likely to try to fix the mailing address/billing address thing.

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