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Games which offer endless possibilities as to how far you can go have always interested me.  This is probably the reason I was so obsessed with the popular flash games Icy Tower and Dolphin Olympics 2.

Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump takes the same concept of climbing to endless heights and spins it in a way which is suited perfectly to the iPhone platform.

The concept of Doodle Jump is simple enough.  Jump and climb as high as you can whist avoiding enemies and hazards.  Simple concepts usually makes for simple games, which favors Doodle Jump as it’s very pick up and play for a few turns, then go back to whatever you were supposed to be doing.

Doodle Jump Screen

Controlling your surprisingly cute character is done all with the accelerometer.  Tower climbing games on the iPhone like Doodle Jump have come across the issue of the controls being either too sensitive or too slow, but that’s not the case for this title. Doodle Jump, although it may feel a little slow, corrects this with being able to jump ‘across’ the back of the screen to come out on the opposite side.  This makes some of the harder jumps in the game a little easier to manage with the ability to effectively teleport across the page.

Doodle Jump‘s simple art gives it lots of personality.  Your ‘doodle’ looks like it’s been taken from an old scrap book as do the game’s monsters.  This scrap book feel is carried to the back drop of the game which appears to be a note book with the various rips and tears fitting in perfectly to both the games design and art direction.


Although the sound effects may be a little annoying, I can’t really fault Doodle Play as they can easily be turned off allowing users to play their iPod music.  Comparing your scores with friends and users around the globe is done very cleverly through a ‘Family height chart’ design.  User names (world, friends or none at all) are scribbled in to the side of the playing field and are visible as you jump.  It is devilishly addicting to beat your own and other’s heights.

At its surface, Doodle Jump appears to be another standard tower climbing game… and it is, but with a creative art style and an innovative high score display, it will keep players jumping for their lives only to fall gracefully back down to earth for many lunch breaks to come.

Download now:Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump deserves a 7/10


  1. I absolutely love this game. Its cheap and addictive as all hell.

    • avatar Usif

      HA! Oh come on this stuff can’t be THAT old! Er, can it??? I remember a culope of these performed live. Thanks for posting gives me visions of riding in the old Toyota at Wheaton with Sami, blasting Autumn War and singing along. Funny that I STILL remember all the lyrics. lol

  2. avatar Anonymous

    Help. I can’t stop playing. My highscore is 43 thousand

  3. avatar suzy

    does it end?
    or does it just keep jumping?

  4. avatar Anon

    Beat 32,081 haha my friend got 98,000 something so yeah beat that

  5. avatar In withdrawal

    I’ve only just started playing for a total of 1hour on my bf’s iphone and am now so addicted I want to steal his phone!! I’ve only reached 24,000 where I dropped b/c I couldn’t shoot the crazy spaceship down. Arggghhh!!!!

  6. avatar cameron

    how has the high scoor???????????????????????? best app ever

  7. avatar cameron

    you all should buy doodle jump

  8. avatar yo yo

    great game play it all the time

  9. avatar aben

    hihi haha hihi haha i have a highscore at 100 thousand beat that

  10. avatar soso

    I love this game ! it’s too bad that i haven’t got an iphone..

  11. avatar Anonymous

    My score is 33thousand and sumthin but the world record right now is in the two millions!

  12. avatar flippy

    My score is 59.000 ;) Its not so good … My friend has 450.000

  13. avatar laloo

    my bro’s score is 123,567. yikes! hey, why don’t you people use punctuation marks?

  14. avatar laloo

    this here fancy like game is my favorite game ever! well, it’s right up there in my top 2 with light bike.

  15. avatar it wont let me play


  16. avatar I don't know how u get rid of the space ships does any1 know how to ???


  17. avatar Anonymous

    Really annoying those spaceships

  18. avatar Anonymous

    szili imire

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