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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate console exclusives.  I think everyone should be able to enjoy every game out there without having to spend $1,000 to buy all 3 major consoles.  Well you PS3 owners have a reason to rejoice, because today at Comic-Con Behemoth officially announced they are bringing Castle Crashers to the PS3.

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Unless you have been living under a rock the last year, you have heard of this extremely popular and highly reviewed 4-player brawler.  Unfortunately, it has been an XBOX 360 exclusive since its release in August 2008.  All those “PS3 only” owners out there have had to sit on the side lines and watch as their XBOX 360 friends have all the fun.  That all changed today when Behemoth announced they would be bringing the game to the Playstation Network sometime in the near future.

Along with this announcement, Behemoth also had a fully functional demo available for people to play.  All acounts so far seem to indicate the game is looking just as fun and colorful as its XBOX 360 brother.   Hopefully when the game launches it will be devoid of all the bugs that plagued the XBOX 360 version when it first launched.

So are you excited Castle Crashers is coming to the PS3?

  1. Maybe if they brought some of the cool PSN-exclusive stuff to 360, I’d feel bad for for the PS3-only owners. You know, Flower, fl0w, Noby Noby Boy, Pain, Calling All Cars? But they don’t. We’re stuck with cool stuff like Space Giraffe. Yay.

  2. Honestly, with fl0wer and Calling All Cars, you aren’t missing much. I haven’t even tried to grab Noby Noby Boy. Pain is fun though. You are missing out on it but there are some key issues that would make it more difficult on the Xbox than the PS3 (motion control).

  3. They need to bring all the PixelJunk games across to the XBLA

  4. @Nick: All the games you just mentioned are single player experiences. XBLA really trumps PSN in the multiplayer arena.

  5. @Shawn, I believe it. But like you said, they are single player “experiences,” not single player “games.” Sometimes, I want an actual experience on my TV instead of just playing more Feeding Frenzy. PSN has experiences in spades over XBLA.

  6. @Shawn
    Noby Noby Boy is multiplayer now via a patch :D

  7. Well I’ll be buying Castle Crashers day 1 on PSN. Will any of you guys, or do you already own it on XBLA?

  8. I almost got it on XBLA but held out. I and a few of my friends will get it I’m sure. That and Fat Princess will be our online, just for fun, games :)

  9. Im so happy. My happiness is overwhelming.

  10. I’m definitely buying this on the first day.

  11. @Grahame
    We are so playing this. Like FOREVER.

  12. Yep, we can audition for a fourth member of our superteam!

  13. *raises hand* I’ll be in line for that super team…can I be Red? :)

  14. I’M ORANGE! Like my hair!

  15. OK I’m calling Green then. :P

    Sorry Mr Rossi…

  16. I’ll be pink ….

    wait …. nevermind!

  17. Looks like I’m blue ;D

  18. LOL at the argument over color selection!

    “You’re not Mr. Purple, you’re MR. PINK!”

  19. I wanna be Mr. Brown :3

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