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At the very least, Battlefield 1943 will release for Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network within the next two weeks. Rabbid fans are eagerly anticipating any confirmation on the release date, and perhaps this listing of achievements is enough to make them “feel better”.

Assumedly, these Achievements are very similiar to the PS3 Trophies. None of them are all that difficult, just time consuming. Check out the full list after the jump!

Here’s the list!

  • Attacker – 10 gamerscore
  • Best Squad – 20 gamerscore
  • Tour of Dury II – 30 gamerscore
  • Defender – 10 gamerscore
  • Master of your Domain – 20 gamerscore
  • Milkrun – 20 gamerscore
  • Motorman – 20 gamerscore
  • Parachutist – 10 gamerscore
  • The Pacific Campaign – 10 gamerscore
  • Tour of Duty 1 – 10 gamerscore
  • Veteran – 20 gamerscore
  • Melee Man – 20 gamerscore

Check out Xbox360Achievements for the complete list on how to unlock each of the total of 200 points!

  1. avatar SoS Underground

    In game their are other rewards-like achievements-but how you get ^ those up there is dif.tan in game like defender is defend 5 flags while in game says 20, and Parachutist is 2 seconds in air, or in game use it twice and EA’s server suck “FIX ‘EM!”

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