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Achievements have become a part of gaming culture.  Milestones such as Gears of War‘s “Seriously…” or Left 4 Dead‘s “Zombie Genocidist” have become badges of honor for many gamers.  Yes, I killed 53,595 zombies.  Here’s my proof!

And iPhones, like them or not, have actually become a viable platform for both game and software developers.  Apps such as facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have kept millions of people connected to each other 24/7.

Booyah said, “Here’s a crazy idea: let’s combine these two things!”

The skinny: Booyah, a company formed by former Blizzard employees, released an app today that lets you track your achievements in real life.  There are currently 108 categories (with more to be added in the future, perhaps?), ranging from “Causes” to “Fitness,” and you use a combination of facebook friends and Twitter followers to “level up in life.”

First off, you design your avatar – a little spaceman-looking guy that will grow and evolve with you.  He starts off simple, but every time you achieve something great (or even something small), he will become further customizable.  What do you do to achieve?  Simple: you go out and live your life better than you did the day before.


Achieve a new personal best at the gym?  You earn an achievement.  You mark it down in your new Booyah Society app, and it tells all your friends.

Recycle your cans?  Achievement.

Volunteer?  Achievement.

Help your facebook friends better their lives?  Achievement.

The global community this will produce will be amazing.  Facebookers, Tweeters, and iPhonies the world over will now be able to achievement-whore together!  Everyone who doesn’t own a 360 will finally be able to appreciate what all the fuss was about.

When you achieve something, you have the option of setting it as a “public” or “private” post.  That is, the world can see it, or just your hand-chosen friends can see it.  Also, Booyah Society (or BS, as a I like to call it) can automatically update your facebook status and Twitter feed with each new achievement.


The achievements also earn you credits.  According to the developers, there is a plan for these credits, but it’s not quite in place yet.  Still, it’s nice to know that you’ll eventually be rewarded for feeding the homeless or exercising more than once a year, right?

The goal of the whole Booyah Society is reinforcement.  When you earn immediate praise for doing something good (for the world, for yourself, for others), you’re more likely to do it again.  It’s like a global version of Pay It Forward.  It also contains hints of objectivism - the philosophy built around the belief that doing what’s best for yourself makes the world in general a better place.

What a concept.

You can download Booyah Society at the iPhone app store or Booyah’s homepage.

Source: VentureBeat

  1. This disturbs and arouses me. What a pity I’m stuck with my bog-standard Nokia :P

  2. This is pretty cool. I’d like to know about how it intends to moderate these Booyahs; that is, how does it recognise your achievement? Is it simply a matter of you writing it down, and if so does that mean you can just lie?

    If this is the case, I’d suspect lying would become a lot more popular once those credits are introduced.

  3. I’d like to see this on… well, just their website, as I don’t have an iPhone/Touch to use it on. I really like the idea, but I’m ashamed that my friends and I, in talking about just this, didn’t get to it first xD

  4. avatar Deafiler

    Just for the record, L4D’s 53,595-zombie achievement is ‘Zombie Genocidest’. It’s a play on Dead Rising’s 53,594-zombie achievement, ‘Zombie Genocider’ (-er, -est).

    Unfortunately, Prototype’s 53,596-infected achievement was called ‘Trail of Bodies’ instead of ‘Zombie Genociderest’, but they followed the tradition. I’m just waiting to see if L4D2 will have a 53,597.

  5. I downloaded this on my new 3Gs iPhone just to check it out. I’ll play around with it a bit and report back here if anything interested…

  6. Oh man, I thought “Genocidest” was just a typo. :/ It all makes sense now, like The Club’s “No, Seriously…”

  7. avatar Lexy

    Hi Simon,

    My name is Lexy and I am the Community Manager at Booyah. Booyah Society’s design team spent a long time thinking about validation and achievement. The first release of Booyah Society is based on social activity on Facebook and Twitter. You can earn some achievements simply by posting what you do. You can also earn other achievements, but these require social validation (a person liking or commenting on your post). The idea is that for some harder achievements, your friends actually need to acknowledge that you accomplished that post, in order to get rewarded for it.

    If you have any other comments or questions please email We would love to hear from you. I hope you have a great day.

  8. Lexy, seems to be a pretty cool app so far. I’ve posted a few things through it but haven’t gotten anything “liked” yet to see how well that works. I’m interested in seeing what else you do to Booyah in the future.

  9. avatar Jaron

    Life has always had achievements.
    Such as surviving a 10-story fall! Achievement achieved!

  10. avatar Phasma Felis

    I wouldn’t say it’s “objectivist,” really. Classical Ayn Rand-style objectivism tends to frown on *actually* making to world a better place as activity unworthy of the ubermenschen that objectivists obviously are; rather you’re supposed to better yourself, and the rest of the world will just naturally bask in your awesome glory.

    They tend to be pretty egotistical, is what I’m saying.

    But this sounds like a great idea! :)

  11. avatar Edmund

    This is seriously a lame system.
    Why not just use
    Basically all this is, is a twitter clone.
    You just write whatever you did and it’s like “boom, you get it”.
    The reason that Achievements are exciting is because they’re hard to get and they require you to meet an objective criteria. Not “oooh, I just want a flashy name for something I did”.

  12. avatar Chimy

    @Edmund: Because most if not all of the ‘achievements’ (if you want to call them that) at achieveSomethingReal aren’t really achievements.. they’re more like confessionals.

    You do make a valid point though. ‘I did more at the gym’ is not an achievement. “I benched 250lbs” or “I ran a half marathon” is though. If they make it like twitter, it totally defeats the purpose. Validation is going to be the hardest part of their implementation. Any idiot can make 2 accounts and cross comment them.

  13. avatar Banj

    Real Life Achievements can now be tracked online

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