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During the House of Ideas’ “The next generation of Marvel video games” panel, there were some exceedingly cute gatecrashers.

Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America were all shown in sackboy form, appearing in the upcoming Marvel downloadable content pack for LittleBigPlanet.


No set date is yet announced for the DLC, but surely it won’t be long until we can get our adamantium claws into it. My fingers are crossed for an “Incredible Sack-Hulk” to soon feature in Media Molecule’s masterpiece.



  1. I made my own Marvel characters using the sticker system. It’s actually VERY intuitive!

    I think my Captain America was particularly amazing, because you can just use a bottlecap for your shield, which actually has a star on it!

  2. I have so much love for these, especially the srs bizness Wolverine.

  3. Wow, those really are cute. Unfortunately I refuse to purchase anymore LBP content. I’ve already purchased way to much that I never use.

  4. avatar Domingo

    i must have IROOOOONMAAAAAAN

  5. avatar Narasimha

    Yeah, if this was a real life situation, I’m sure we’d all be for retgtirasion We would? In real life, the government’s done a dandy job being shown they can’t be trusted not to abuse personal information about citizens.(/wave NSA)

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