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A dedicated Nintendo fan over on Limit Break has created a family tree of all the Mario Games.

From Mario’s earliest incarnations in Donkey Kong through to his latest outings on the Wii, it’s quite interesting to look through, and you can easily tell which Mario spin-off they have been milking.

mariofamilylinepic(Click for fullsize)

How many have you played?

  1. Haha Yoshi has been milked into oblivion.

    I found it really sad that each major Mario game release was 6 years apart, and now, from New Super Mario Brothers DS to Mario Galaxy to New Super Mario Brothers Wii to Mario Galaxy 2, it’s like a year, sometimes less…

  2. Oh wow, Chris you are right that Yoshi really has been milked into oblivion. I had no idea so many games spawned from him.

  3. avatar stezton

    Am I missing it or is Yoshi’s Cookie not listed?

  4. avatar john

    Stezton’s right, where’s Yoshi’s Cookie?

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