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When I first heard about MAG I was immediately interested, not only the massive scale of the battles but in demo videos there seemed to be some very distinct and interesting classes to choose from. These PMC classes seem to be very similar but still different enough to attract different kinds of players to them.

MAG is divided up into 3 PMC’s (Private Military Contractors)

Raven: Your organized, specialist team with tons of high-tech equipment to use. Seems to be best suited to those who love sniping or taking the stealthy approach

Valor: Typical military guys. Big guns and big explosions. Probably suits those light machine gunners out there.


S.V.E.R: These guys are the ones who take a hit to the soldier, go down, get back up and pick up anything they can find and try to take down anything left in their path. Very improvisational and from the hip. Best for those who want to get straight into the action…any way they can.

Judging by these classes there will be an even balance or  huge one or two sided classes with the other being only used by a few users. Regardless of this MAG looks awesome, as a 360 only owner this title and a price drop will be the system seller for me.

  1. avatar Aakash

    Raven is for people whowant the best type of wepons. Valor is for people who’s lives have to do with military, hardcore gamers, and people who don’t want to have their weapons unchanged. Sver is for those who like to feel tough.I’m going with raven

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