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Breaking out into song is one of the strangest things to yet happen on our podcast. Oh, and the lack of pants is equally disturbing. Join Josh, Steve, and Paul as they discuss the happenings around the gaming community.

Be sure and listen closely for a code for R-Type that I give away at one point in the show.

This week we discuss the newest Fallout 3 dlc, along with Josh’s new challenge from Blizzard. Paul weighs in on his thoughts about Prototype, and we just have a grand ol’ time discussing the industry in general. We answer your questions from the previous show’s feedback, and discuss Gamer Limit’s new blog system.

Feel free to leave some feedback, and ask us questions for the next podcast in the comments section of this post! We will discuss anything you throw at us!


Download it here

  1. avatar Quraishi

    aww…the code has already been used…=(

  2. Haha great show guys – and it’s nice to know there’ll be prizes sprinkled throughout.

  3. Oh, the code has gone out? Mr or Mrs lucky listener, come on out and represent, we’d love to hear from you :)

  4. Thanks for answering my question, gang!

    Here’s another: what do you think of each system’s online service (Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection) and the way they distribute games and DLC? Do you buy much content online?

  5. what happened to the itunes?

  6. Great podcast. Dead Space was a game that really made me jump, but not so much Fallout 3.

  7. @monkey
    Moving house was a bit rough on Gamer Limit! We’ll look into it :D

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