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There comes a time in the life of every gamer where they must stand up for themselves, and what they believe in! We are not slobs! We are not too lazy! We are functional citizens of our resident country!

Join Steve, Paul, Josh, and Chase as we take a stand for all that is right! Besides standing up for ourselves, we discuss the latest games we’ve been playing, and debate at length over gameplay, intellectual properties, and have a heated debate on just about everything this week.

You asked, and we want to deliver you our gamertags!

  • Steve Kelso – stevedawonder
  • Josh Quinnett – Wiley120
  • Paul Clark – DravenAran
  • Chase Cook – The PudWhacker

Feel free to leave us a comment, and ask questions for our next show! Episode 12 might be a delayed show, or it could be another surprise!


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  1. the IP discussion

    of the game sput forward i think i agree with bioshock most as a great original IP

    Portal according to wikipedia (the source of facts everywhere!) is considered to be part of the half life series albeit a spinoff.

    by the same trail of thought would dante’s inferno count as a new IP or not, or the watchmen game, or the kung fu panda game, or lego star wars, or donkey kong country.

    In my eyes a new IP is just that a new property if its an adaption, a spin off, a reimagining or just a new gameplay dynamic in the same world then i don’t count it.

    but games can be kind of proud compared to film whose last great original IP was the matrix 10-11 years ago

  2. This was the first time I’ve ever listened to the Limit Cast, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. You guys had some really interesting discussions about a lot of good topics.

  3. I’ve always though of Portal as its own IP, but I think as it’s technically a part of the Half-Life universe is doesn’t really count. Thanks for the tags!

  4. Armoured Core: 4A truly was a “make a pretty robot, then wonder what to do with it” game :)

  5. Chase is a verb, not a name. Love it.

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