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Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Killzone 2 fans can expect all new DLC for Guerrilla Games’ gritty FPS this coming Thursday.

The content, entitled Napalm & Cordite, shall feature two new multiplayer maps; Suljeva Cliffside, situated on the rocky outskirts of the Suljeva mining village, and Arctower Landing, which takes players back to the Arctower defence posts of Blood Meridian. Hit the jump for more information on the weapons being introduced as part of this bundle.

Previously only available during the single-player campaign of Killzone 2, these two tools of death will no doubt bring an added sense of depth to the ever-growing title:

Napalm: The VC1 Flamethrower
Loved and loathed in surprisingly equal measure, the VC1 – found on Suljeva Cliffside – projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid at high pressure. Consisting of low-octane gasoline and an unidentified component indigenous to Helghan, this form of Napalm is extremely effective for clearing out enemy trenches and bunkers.

The sticking point for players is the way the liquid cause the flame to project the same way a water pistol would – something I personally like.

Cordite: The Boltgun 4400
Also known as “The Handyman”, the semi-automatic Boltgun 4400 will be available in the Arctower Landing map. Using Cordite to propel metal bolts at an extremely high velocity, the gun has the ability to pin targets to walls and other objects. What’s more, a time-delayed explosive charge follows up the initial shot, leaving those hit with little chance of getting out alive.

Are you thinking of getting this DLC? Are you impressed with the support this title is receiving since release?


  1. I will admit that I have been very impressed with the way the Guerrilla guys have supported KZ2 post-launch. Not only have they kept a steady stream of patches coming, they have also kept the map packs coming at a solid pace. Unfortunately I kind of played WAY TO MUCH Killzone 2 the first month it launched and burned myself out on it. I doubt I’ll be getting this map pack because of this fact.

  2. I haven’t had much of a chance to play of late but I am itching to get back into it. I was just picking up steam! I did play it (like you) solidly for six weeks or so, post-release…

    It’s easy to forget how good it is, but often too intense if you’re not in the mood.

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