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Activison has today announced that Modern Warfare 2, the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most acclaimed first person shooters, is now set to launch at a higher RRP of £54.99, admist growing cost pressures.

Exchange rates and increasing development costs were cited for the publisher’s decision, and it is said that other publishers may follow suit when it comes to major releases this Christmas.

“Exchange rates between the Euro and the pound are making it very difficult for publishers to show an acceptable operating margin in the UK,” Ian Curran of THQ stated.

“Also, development costs for next gen software has increased at a time when the take-up on these machines is slower than expected and therefore the opportunity to sell more units is limited. The increase in cost of goods due to the weak pound has added to this burden, and therefore something has to happen to ensure publishers’ return on their investment.”

Just what we wanted to hear during the recession, really. How do you the consumer react to this bombshell?

Source: MCVUK

  1. Wait till the game goes on sale. That is a lot more than seems fair.

  2. avatar Geffles

    Activision are a fucking devil publisher. “PS3 needs to be price dropped” couple months later ” MW has a £15 price hike” pot calling the kettle black and what not

  3. avatar Wido

    Disgusting on what activison is charging. I thought EA was bad… Looks like Activison are the new EA.

  4. £55 for the standard version?

    No thanks, when this comes out I’ll probably just buy some games that I didn’t get round to playing from earlier in the year. I don’t love COD enough to justify spending that on it.

    Plus Gran Turismo on PSP will keep me occupied! :P

  5. avatar pwnbarbiequ857

    i wonder how the alien terrorist mode will turn out,,,looks pretty exciting :D

  6. avatar Brandon

    Call of dutys are alsomr really
    Enjoyed modern warfare can’t wait for a new brothers in arms too

  7. avatar daniel

    rip flamin offff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar Howard Swider

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