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James Larsson may be as close as the world comes to a mad scientist.  This British inventor has created automatic cat food dispensers (not devious), light bulb-testing devices (still not bad), and a machine that whips you when you lose a point in Pong.

Wait, what?  See for yourself.

As if the sadomasochism wasn’t bad enough, you also control your on-screen paddle by groping a black bondage boot that Larsson has crafted into a controller.  Seriously.

The gameplay is standard 70′s Pong, but when you miss a point, your hand gets whipped.  There is a “Severity of Whip” dial to make sure you’re hit just as hard as you want to be, so don’t worry too much about that aspect of the game.


If the futuristic dystopias pictured in films like Idiocracy are any indication, the next step for games (play poorly = death) might not be too far off…

See for yourself.  The Pong game starts at 3:08 in the video:


Source: BBC News

  1. Idiocracy only made a good point in theory to people that think higher of themselves.

    There is no “decay of intelligence”; only false panic of it.

    Of course I’ll stop myself there because this is completely unrelated to the pong game.

  2. @Gabe: Don’t think I was condoning Idiocracy. That movie was just awful, but it had the “death game” idea I was going for. Maybe I should’ve used The Running Man with Ah-nold as an example instead. Or Manhunt.


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