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Fans of the Halo series will be delighted to hear the news that an anime is being created based on the universe that has spawned three superb FPS games and a bold venture into the realms of RTS. Further to this, of course, there will be two new instalments of the franchise with Halo: Reach preceded by Halo 3: ODST later this year.

The latter title has been tried and tested at Comic-Con 2009, while the anime – entitled Halo Legends - has a gorgeous new trailer to gasp at. Hit the jump for the trailer and some sneaky over-the-shoulder gameplay footage from ODST.

Whether or not you are invested in this series may become irrelevant once the finished product is readily available for consumption; depending on whether it is any good, that is. If it is not up-to-scratch then I guess it will be a highlight for those who have spent hours playing the games and reading the books.

It does look rather lush though.

As for this, well, hands up who was more interested to see whether that blonde on the right would step in front of our camera guy… Just me? Ok. Well, it certainly looked like Halo, albeit played by somebody who seemed intent on not blowing things up.

With news that Bungie will be hanging up its green helmet and concentrating on new projects after ten years of service, it is certainly a relief that so much new material is on the way in the meantime.

Are you excited by either of these clips? Or have you had your fill after a decade of fraggin’?

Source: 1up and Gametrailers

  1. I totally hate to admit this, but I’m excited for both the new Halo game, and the anime. I honestly can’t explain it. Something about the Halo universe just intrigues me.

  2. I’d have to say, I don’t care much for Halo. But the anime looks kind of interesting.

  3. Halo ODST; Only interested because you aren’t some unstoppable god.
    Anime; …..I hate people.

  4. Haha blondes; you dirty boy, Daniel. Can’t wait for the anime, but that trailer is frustratingly obscure.

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