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Congratulations are in order. With over one million copies sold in the first month, Ghostbusters The Video Game seems to have made an appropriate comeback. Was it the witty dialogue and inane humor that spawned this revival, or perhaps it was the satisfying feeling you got whenever you actually captured a ghoul.

Ghostbusters released on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, and DS in June and was received quite well. With these new numbers confirmed, rumors are beginning to abound regarding the continuation of the video game portion of the franchise.

Terminal Reality co founder and president Mark Randel had this to say about the game:

It took us years to build the physics into the game of how one of those proton beams might hit a wooden table and just cut it in half, with one-half actually falling away from the other–and then one of the characters could actually interact with the destroyed object.

It is great to realize that if they are thinking of rebooting Ghostbusters, of handing off the torch from the old guard to the new for a new Ghostbusters, that the success of the game definitely had something to do with green-lighting that project. And you can bet that if that movie were to come out, we’d just love to do another Ghostbusters game based on it.

Source: GoNintendo

  1. This is really awesome. It honestly warms my heart to hear this game did so well.

  2. I LOVE this game. Its fun and the Co-Op online stuff is a blast. Hoping for more DLC, more games and the new movie to be a HUGE hit.

  3. This was a great game. I can’t 100% recommend buying it, but if you haven’t rented it yet: DO IT.

  4. Lets hope they can get back their epic development costs.

  5. Remember when this game was dropped by its publisher because of its lack of franchise/sequel potential? Haha look at them now…

  6. I really need to get a hold of this. I’ve played the tutorial at a friends house and I loved it. Shame im poor. :(

  7. And on Limitcast you guys claimed it hadn’t sold well??

    Bear in mind, it’s also not out on 360 in Europe yet… phew, gonna sell loads!

  8. Damn, I wish my Xbox wasn’t still broken! Lousy Microsoft and their stupid 3-year warranty not covering us diligent fans who waited at midnight to get our sticky mits on a console! Otherwise I’d give this game such a renting!

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