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Shooting stuff is the American way, is it not? Now then, don’t go starting a controversy! You know how we Americans love our first person shooters! Wanna know something else that sounds a lot like a gun? Fireworks! So now we have to decide: Will we shoot guns on TV, or shoot fireworks in the real world? Such a hard decision. Wait! Double XP all weekend?

Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty World at War are offering a double xp weekend in celebration of our independence! What better way to celebrate than by fighting real and imaginary wars on our televisions?

Sign in to either of your favorite games after 10 AM on Friday and start racking up the points. You’ll be at the highest level in no time!

Source: 1up and 7th Space

  1. avatar Crazy Canadian

    double xp weekends are like candy now everyone is giving out candy and treyarch loves to do this if i recall this is the 8th weekend which makes prestige kinda a worthless accomplishment.

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