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Infinity Ward has officially posted the very first multiplayer footage from Modern Warfare 2 on YouTube.  This new video showcases the game’s “AC130 killstreak reward”, which after killing 11 people straight, allows you to man an AC130 gunnery station and rain fire down upon your enemies.  The footage also teases the viewers with the first glances of some of the new multiplayer maps.

While the single player gameplay that has been shown so far looks great, this multiplayer footage is what most players have really been looking forward to, and it doesn’t disappoint. Do I really need to say anything else?  This is what we’ve all been waiting for, so hit the jump to see the new video in all its glory.

  1. I like how in the scores at the bottom left, it reminds the player that he’s losing.

    No time for basic math in Modern Warfare.

    Seriously though – looks shiney. Anyone got any suggestions on what platform I should pick it up on? I play most FPS games on PC, but I’m wondering if MW2 would be worth the jump to 360.


    • avatar Turgay

      mimimi, ne mit der Magnum brauchste 2 Schfcsse beim Kf6rper und 1 Schuss beim Kopf. Im video macht er zwar einen mit einer Kugel im Kf6rper kalt aber der war offnisechtlich schon voher angeschossen. Und wen du dir BF3, DAS GAME DES JAHRES nicht kaufst bzw wegen einer Waffe, biste sowas von arm

  2. I’m definitely picking this up on the PC, but that’s mainly because my friends and I have a huge Modern Warfare LAN party every two months or so. I’m also gonna pick it up on either the PS3 or XBOX360, but I can’t decide. Probably the PS3 since I have more friends with one.

  3. If the perks and experience system are fleshed out, I think this will be my most loved FPS yet.

  4. Man, that destruction looks tasty.

  5. Loving the destructible buildings, really was something COD4 was missing.

  6. God yes. Pre ordered my night vision yesterday. Very happy I did

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