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Yet another crazed gaming marathon for charity has begun, but this time it’s even more epic then the much loved MGS 1-4 playthrough.

The Speed Gamers are attempting to play through EVERY Final Fantasy (excluding 11 for obvious reasons).

At the time of this publication, they have been playing for 49 hours, and are already up to Final Fantasy VI.

On a side note I haven’t heard of the charity (Act Today), which they are supporting, but I’m sure it warrants a few dollars for the massive effort they are putting in.

Check out their site here, and watch the chatlog for all the ‘level up’ comments.

  1. They are actually switching from game to game. At the time i joined, they just got to Final Fantasy V ExDeath fight. Although they gave up and are switching to three.

    So it’s fairly obvious they aren’t going in any actual order….

  2. I would love to do something like this if I had the ridiculous amounts of free time people on the interwebs seem to.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    It’s a lot of hours of gaming, especially if they die at any point and have to go back to a save point.

  4. Pretty cool idea. And they’ve made a pretty hefty sum of money over the years too. Kinda reminds me of my two day straight gaming marathons when I was 15 or so :p

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