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The word is out that the European pricing for the upcoming DJ Hero, the latest addition to the ever growing family tree of the music rhythm game genre, has slipped out. And just what is the price, I hear you ask? Well, DJ Hero is now set to retail for a mere £107.99. This news also comes just after the suggested American price was revealed to be $120, which equates to roughly £73. And yet, sadly, I can’t say I am surprised – this isn’t exactly the first time Europe has been mercilously snubbed when it comes to pricing in the games industry.

Fortunately, online games retailer Shopto has come to the rescue by offering the bundle, which includes the game and turntable controller, for a slightly less devestating sum of £94.85 and HMV are also currently stocking it for £99.99. It is still less than comforting however, as the fact remains that Europeans are once again being hugely ripped off for what is merely a plastic, Fisher Price quality replication of a DJ turntable, when you look at it. But then again, considering it is a new entry in the money grabbing Hero franchise, it will doubtlessly sell well, as consumers will blindly flock to collate yet more plastic tat into their overcrowded collection.

Will any of you aspiring DJs be willing to fork out for DJ Hero when it launches later this year?

Source: Eurogamer

  1. What a load of crap, I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, but now I might set up some come of boycott. Or I might do nothing.

  2. avatar lol

    Just do nothing.

  3. avatar Sebastien

    Looks awesome. Also JAY EM just aoenuncnd THE RENEGADE edition which is a little more but comes with 2 albums of unreleased music from both artists. A stand to make it a DJ stand. A metal case and more. DJHERO.COM

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